Tim Bowman

Tim Bowman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History

Office: Old Main, Room 403 A
Phone: 806-651-2404

Professional Profile

Dr. Bowman joined WTAMU in the fall of 2012. He received a bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University in 2002, a masters degree from the University of Texas – Arlington in 2005, and a Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University in 2011.

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. Bowman teaches a variety of courses related to the North American Southwest and modern United States history.

Dr. Bowman is currently working on his first monograph, which is tentatively titled, Blood Oranges: Agriculture and Racial Difference in the Texas-Mexico Borderlands, 1900-1975. He is also actively at work on a number of smaller projects, including a new book-length edition of La comisión pesquisidora de la frontera del norte, which is a printed report of a Mexican government inquiry into transborder theft and violence that was first published in 1873.

Research and Creative Activity

Dr. Bowman’s research interests include Mexican-Anglo relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the history of the modern border and surrounding regions, migrant labor, and Mexican and Mexican-American life in the modern United States.

Personal Sketch

Dr. Bowman lives in Amarillo. He enjoys music, pop culture, and cheap science fiction novels in his spare time. Also, like any good Texan, Dr. Bowman is an avid football fan.