The Department of History provides comprehensive and high quality post-secondary degree programs designed to produce graduates who are well prepared for future roles as leaders in their fields. This training begins with core courses that provide all WTAMU students with the foundations for future success in college and as citizens in a democratic society. All classes taught in this department hone students’ reading, writing, listening, and critical thinking skills and enhance their understanding of the complexity of human cultures and the ideas that shape them.

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Bachelor of Arts or Science in History

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Meet History major, Kolby Karr. He sat down with us to talk about his parth to college - he took an 11 year hiatus before deciding to come back to WT to finish his degree. 

About the Undergraduate History Program

The Department of History offers courses in American, East Asian, and Western European designed to prepare
students for careers in these fields.

The Department of History has an excellent collection of source material available in Cornette Library: unusually complete files of scholarly journals, more than 600,000 government documents, microfilm and microcard acquisitions, (including a complete file of The New York Times and records of the U.S. Congress from 1789 to the present). Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, located on the southern edge of campus, has a superb regional collection of books, journals, and thousands of manuscript items and recorded interviews with pioneers of the area.

What You Will Learn

  • Advanced reading and writing skills
  • Advanced research and analytical skills
  • The ability to think critically and effectively communicate your thoughts
  • A new regional, national, and global perspective

Degree Resources & Requirements

WT offers both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in History. The primary difference between the two degrees is that the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) has a foreign language component, while the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) requires an additional science class in lieu of a foreign language.

Always consult with your academic advisor to ensure you are taking the appropriate core classes for your degree plan.

Minor in International Studies - East Asia  
Minor in International Studies - Europe  
Minor in International Studies - Latin America  
Minor in Mexican American/Latino Studies  

Career Opportunities

A degree in history prepares you for a variety of careers in law.  Here are a few to consider:

  • Teaching in public or private schools
  • Law
  • Museums
  • Government agencies
  • Staff Attorney
  • Assistant Attorney
  • Associate, Counsel, Assistant District Attorney
  • Department Attorney
  • Resident Counsel

Also, this program is related to other fields you might think about:

  • Archeology
  • Anthropology
  • Archives
  • Curating

Scholarships & Program Cost

There are numerous scholarships and financial aid programs available to History students. 


Dr. Timothy Bowman
Department Head

WTAMU Box 60747

Canyon, TX 79016

(806) 651-2417