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With the generous support of Barbara and Jim Whitton, the Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities and the Department of History will again host the Remnant Trust this fall. “The Theme is Freedom” will feature rare editions of classic texts treating the subject of  individual freedom and responsibility to society. From John Milton and Algernon Sidney in the seventeenth century to Frederick Douglass and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in the nineteenth, we encounter women and men who challenged the political, social, and cultural status quo by advocating human liberty against any form of oppression and prejudice. Their challenge is no less relevant to our own day. The volumes will be housed in the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum’s Research Center and the Cornette Library from September 30-October 29. There will be two events. On Thursday, October 14, at 6PM in OM 220, there will be a screening of the film “ Iron-Jawed Angels,” which recounts the suffragettes’ struggle to gain the right to vote. Light refreshments will be available. Dr. Jean Stuntz, Texas A&M Regents’ Professor of History, will introduce the film and moderate discussion. On October 28, there will be the concluding event from 7:00PM-9:00PM in Legacy Hall. All volumes will be available for viewing. A roundtable presentation by faculty and graduate students from the Department of History will discuss selected authors. Points of agreement and disagreement should lead not only to lively discussion but also prompt questions from the audience.

Remnant Trust "The Theme is Freedom"


Here are the volumes:

Algernon Sidney, Discourses Concerning Government
Susan B. Anthony, History of Woman Suffrage, vols 4, 5, 6
Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France

Elizabeth Cady Stanton,

Address to the Legislature of New York, Adopted by the State Women’s Rights Convention 1854

Frederick Douglass,

Life and Times of Frederick Douglass
My Bondage and My Freedom
Thomas Edgar (ed.), The Lawes Resolutions of Women’s Rights: or, The Lawes Provision for Women
Elisha P. Hurlburt, Essays on Human Rights and their Political Guaranties
John Milton, Aeropagitica
Lady Wortley Montagu, The Letters and Works
Hannah More, The Works of Hannah More
Lucretia Mott, Discourse on Woman
Judith Sargent Murray, “On the Equality of the Sexes,’ Parts 1 and 2
William Penn, The Great Case of Liberty of Conscience
William Thompson, Appeal of One Half of the Human Race

Mercy Warren,

History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution
Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of  the Rights of Women
The Rights of Men

The Trial of John Peter Zenger


Any questions or comments may be directed to Dr. Bruce C. Brasington,

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The Remnant Trust at WTAMU has been generously supported by Barbara and Jim Whitton. The Department of History at WTAMU has been privileged to host some of these fantastic early edition manuscripts offering the university and local community the opportunity to hear from great faculty members and outside speakers while gaining access to see and touch this great works.
The Remnant Trust (TTU)
he Remnant Trust is a public educational foundation that shares an actively growing collection of manuscripts, first edition and early works dealing with the topics of individual liberty and human dignity with some pieces dating as early as 2500 B.C. The Remnant Trust makes this collection available to colleges, universities and other organizations for use by students, faculty, scholars and the general public. Those exposed are encouraged to touch, feel and read the originals, including first English translations.

Past Events

Fall 2019

October 1 * The Remnant Trust * JBK Legacy Hall *  6:30 p.m.
The Western Heritage & Global Consequences of the Paris Peace Conference
Featuring Dr. Elizabeth Morrow Clark

Roundtables at 12:30-1:15 in JBK Senate Chamber
Sept. 17 *  International Organizations with Dr. Chris Macaulay
Sept. 24 * The Middle East with Ms. Courtney Crowley
Oct. 1 * Literature & World Affairs with Dr. Bonnie Roos

Remnant Trust event on Oct 1 in JBK Legacy Hall at 6:30 p.m.
Remnant Trust Roundtables

Fall 2018

The Remnant Trust * Science Through the Ages: Ethics, Astronomy, & Matter
Speakers: Dr. Cathy Clewett, Dr. Nick Flynn, Dr. David Craig

Remnant Trust Science Through the Ages

Fall 2017

The Remnant Trust Returns to WTAMU
Here We Stand: The Reformation and the History of Freedom
Featuring Dr. Bruce C. Brasington

The Remnant Trust lecture featuring Dr. Bruce Brasington
The Remnant Trust Documents on Loan at WTAMU