The Remnant Trust

The Remnant Trust at WTAMU
Sponsored by Barbara and Jim Whitton


October 1 * The Remnant Trust * JBK Legacy Hall *  6:30 p.m.
The Western Heritage & Global Consequences of the Paris Peace Conference
Featuring Dr. Elizabeth Morrow Clark
At the time of the event, you can click here to attend virtually through the live stream.

Rountables at 12:30-1:15 in JBK Senate Chamber
Sept. 17 *  International Organizations with Dr. Chris Macaulay
Sept. 24 * The Middle East with Ms. Courtney Crowley
Oct. 1 * Literature & World Affairs with Dr. Bonnie Roos

Remnant Trust event on Oct 1 in JBK Legacy Hall at 6:30 p.m.Remnant Trust Roundtables

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The Remnant Trust * Science Through the Ages: Ethics, Astronomy, & Matter
Speakers: Dr. Cathy Clewett, Dr. Nick Flynn, Dr. David Craig
Remnant Trust Science Through the Ages
The Remnant Trust Returns to WTAMU
Here We Stand: The Reformation and the History of Freedom
Featuring Dr. Bruce C. Brasington
The Remnant Trust lecture featuring Dr. Bruce BrasingtonThe Remnant Trust Documents on Loan at WTAMU