John Jordan, Professor of History, Frank Phillips College

For the last seven years I have been working here at Frank Philips college teaching history and I am currently the head of the History Department and Social Science Liaison. Also, I was awarded Faculty of the Year for 2013-2014.

I completed my Masters Degree in History in May 2006 and I later completed eighteen graduate hours in Political Science to add an additional teaching field.

While studying at WTAMU the professors were always helpful and overall the learning environment worked well for me. I am still in contact with Dr. Pearson, Dr. Stuntz, and Dr. Shaffer who continue to provide guidance and advice on my career as history professor and historian. The Masters Degree was a requirement for my current position but the knowledge gained from my time at WTAMU cannot be matched.

Bryce Langford, Attorney

There is no way for me to adequately describe my experience in the WT History Department. Never before had I ever felt so believed in by professors than I felt at the WT history department. WT did not give me all the answers or tools I needed for the future-- no university can really do such a thing. Instead, WT History Department gave me the confidence and skills to learn how to learn the answers and skills in my current academic pursuit. It may sound trite, but WT History Department taught me how to learn. That is a skill that is difficult to teach.

I am confident that many of my professors will be life-long friends and mentors. They were much more than teachers. They were fellow lovers of history. They allowed me to work with them in publishing academic work, which led to the publication of my own writing. What could I say to show my appreciation for the History Faculty at WT? I can only say that they are like family, and that is one of the highest compliments I can give.