EPML Organizations and Clubs

A small baby, wearing an EPML t-shirt, lies on the couch in the EPML lounge, alongside faculty member Matthew Harrison

Annual Events

Many EPML events are open to anyone! Check Upcoming Events for more on our yearly Haiku Death Match, Latinx Poets Reading, and Bad Poetry Contest.

Sharing Ideas 

Anyone can join us for our Great Books Series, a monthly reading club, or the High Plains Poetry Project, a monthly writing club. For true afficionados, we invite you to our Humanities on the High Plains research blog, or to join us for our informal EPML Research Brownbags

Student Clubs and Publications

All students are welcome to join us for POEMAS, our social club for majors and non-majors. All students are welcome to participate in Legacy, WTAMU's creative writing journal, or Tracks, our research journal. 

Honor Societies

We are also active members in Sigma Delta Pi, our Spanish Honors Society, and Sigma Tau Delta, our English Honors Society.