Daniel Bloom

Daniel Bloom

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Office: Classroom Center 325C
Phone: 806-651-2479

Professional Profile

Dr. Bloom joined the Department of English, Philosophy and Modern Languages at WT in 2014. He received an undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of Georgia in 2001. He remained at UGA, receiving his PhD in Philosophy in 2012.

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. Bloom teaches a wide range of philosophical material. He has taught courses on Human Nature, Epistemology, Existentialism, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Language, Ancient Western Philosophy, Ethics, and several others.

Research and Creative Activity

Dr. Bloom’s research focus is in Ancient Western Philosophy, though his interests extend throughout the history of philosophy. He has published works on Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus, including a book on Plato's Theaetetus. Some of the types of questions he finds interesting are how something made of parts is held together as one thing?, what is the relation between knowledge and being?, and is it possible to find the limits of knowing? He also wonders why he seems to get lost more than most people.