We have moved our High Plains Poetry Project online, due to the pandemic. Apologies for the inconvenience, but feel free to catch up with us anyway. For more information, contact Dr. Eric Meljac:

High Plains Poetry Project

Our High Plains Poetry Project is sponsored by WT's Department of English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages, and forms a part of a regular series of informal writing presentations and workshops offered on the fourth Thursday of every month, 7pm, at the Burrowing Owl Bookstore, in Canyon.  We also have meetings at the Burrowing Owl in Amarillo. We welcome those who are seasoned writers and those who are just getting started. Come by and share your work with us!

Happy Writing!

High Plains Poetry Project Events

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Dr. Eric Meljac
Assistant Professor of English
English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages
West Texas A&M University
2403 Russell Long Boulevard
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