Class Projects

Mural Art Graduate Seminar, Spring 2021
Scale. Gender. Challenges for Minority Artists.
GS Barbie collage for button

For our grad seminar on mural art, we had a workshop day exploring scale, gender, and the challenges for minority artists. We looked at how artists with limited resources have to work small, so we made tiny paintings. While painting those, we also experienced the distractions from creativity when there’s domestic duties to manage, from diapering babies to following a recipe to make a mixed drink. Finally, we did an homage to artist Yves Klein who painted with women’s bodies, so we painted with barbies as our materials, questioning the position of women and their bodies as muses or models versus creators and geniuses. 

GS mural project2 vertica


Intro to Gender Studies Class Project
Working with Dr. Von Lintel, the students in GNDR 3301, collectively designed and edited a website to share what Gender Studies at WTAMU is all about.
Wix website 2016 shot
Buffalo Girl Mural Project
This mural is a collaboration between the Gender Studies students (enrolled in GNDR 3301 for Fall 2016) and the WTAMU Mural Squad. The mural was displayed in Mary Moody Atrium and public responses were solicited.


Dr. Amy Von Lintel
Director of Gender Studies