Our Mission

The West Texas A&M University Dance Program prepares students for the professional and academic worlds of dance, and contributes to the enrichment of the performing arts community. The dance faculty seek to inspire students to enhance their abilities according to their specific needs in the following skills: communication, management, performance, production, problem solving and research. The dance program promotes artistic freedom that strengthens the university and the community we serve.


Program Core Values


WE DANCE TO CREATE. Here you’ll find the curriculum, faculty and creative stimuli for a variety of professional opportunities. The Dance Program at West Texas A&M University offers multiple performance opportunities annually in a professionally oriented atmosphere. A competitive scholarship program encourages the development of talented dancers, and you’ll find a community fully supportive of the arts, as well as the artists. Most importantly, you’ll find yourself fully prepared for a career of creativity and passion.



THE OPPORTUNITY IS YOURS. Here you will discover your artistic voice within a rigorous liberal arts education. Perhaps you want to teach or open your own studio? The WT Dance Academy serves as a pedagogical laboratory for our students, while providing quality dance education to children 3-18 years of age. Maybe you are a choreographer? A thorough BFA curriculum will guide you through the process of creating work—from improvisation to your Senior Capstone Concert, you will experience it all! Professional Dancer? You will develop in multiple dance styles alongside our talented faculty and with nationally and internationally renowned guest artists. The opportunity is yours to seize at West Texas A&M University.



WE DANCE TO DEVELOP. Through technique classes, workshops, masterclasses, seminars and much, much more, you will develop as a dancer. More importantly, you will grow as an artist in society. Here you will experience life as a contributing member in an artistic community, along with all the benefits and challenges that come with that status. The WT Dance Program faculty will encourage and support you as you explore and develop all avenues of your passion for dance and the arts.



A CHANCE TO DANCE. The WT Dance Program offers a complete and comprehensive Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance degree. Professional performance, scholarship assistance and study abroad are just some of the opportunities you’ll find here. Your faculty and colleagues will help you achieve the best version of yourself as you further your educational and artistic path. We strive to create a whole being: a creative problem solver; an original thinker, challenging and questioning the Who, Why, and What of the arts; someone who will continue to learn and develop long after the degree is in hand.

WT DANCE Brochure

Video created & edited by Performance & Musical Theatre alum, Ian Joseph Avila '18