Classroom Scheduling and Reservations


Making a Reservation for Classroom Spaces and Instructions

  • Virtual EMS is available for University faculty, staff and students to use for making event reservation requests online at:
  • Instructions for Searching and submitting a reservation request.  Classroom spaces may only be reserved by University faculty, staff or current students.
  • FINAL EXAMS: Scheduling for final exams is completed by the Office of the Registrar. Please see the official schedule online at: If you are requesting and additional space or an adjustment to the date or time of the Provost’s approved finals schedule, please seek approval from your Dean in writing. Such consent then needs to be sent to the Provost’s Office (Dr. Terry or Dr. Andersen) for their authorization. The Provost’s Office will then notify the Office of the Registrar so that appropriate room reservations may be made around final exams following the official finals schedule.

Special Notes Regarding Room Scheduling

  • Non-Academic events will NOT be scheduled until all Academic events have been completely scheduled for the requested term.
  • We do NOT schedule non-classroom spaces.
  • Contact the JBK Information Desk with questions regarding reservations.