Purchasing and Inventories

Purchasing and Inventories

Purchasing and Inventories' mission is to facilitate the purchase of goods and services at the best value to the University.

Areas of emphasis include, but are not limited to, purchase and delivery of goods and services to University departments by means of purchase order and credit card program.

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Purchasing Ethics

Where ethical competition is possible, all qualified bidders on record shall have equal opportunity to submit bids on a uniform and specified basis. No bidder shall receive special consideration or be allowed to revise a bid after having received information from other bids.  

All University employees shall refrain from any relationships which give any bidder an advantage and shall accept no gratuities or in any other manner obligate themselves to any representative of concerns seeking University business.

What are the thresholds associated with purchases?

Purchases up to $14,999.99 are delegated to each department.

Purchases between $15,000 and $49,999.99 require an informal bidding process. Three bids must be solicited, with at least two of the vendors being HUB (Historically Underutilized Business).  Please contact Purchasing at 2105, or, for assistance.

Purchases of $50,000.00 and greater require a formal bidding process.  Please contact Purchasing at 2105, or, for assistance.

Commonly Used Forms:

PPE Request
Student PPE Request

Vendor Request/Change
On-Campus Catering Exemption
Completed W-9
Membership Form
Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption
Solicitation Questionnaire
Equipment Purchase Approval Form

Vendor Hold Search:

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