Table & Chair Request

Central Supply is involved with the day-to-day operation of delivering and picking up items for special events. We will deliver to your event and pick up after your event. Central Supply does not set up for events. Each department is responsible for setting up for the event. When the event is over it is your responsibility to return the equipment back to the same location where you found it, in the same manner we dropped it off (same number of chairs in each rack, everything back on racks... etc). Central Supply has a limited supply of:

  • Chairs (folding and stack)
  • Tables (8', 6",
  • Podiums
  • Stage Piece

After Hour Rates:

After hour services are billed on labor charges associated with the performance of work done by Central Supply Warehouse Workers.  These charges are based on labor rates which include direct salary costs, vacation and sick leave benefits, and materials and vehicle overhead.  The current rate is $25 per hour per man.  Work performed after normal work hrs. (8-5, M-F) and/or on weekends will be based on a time and a half rate.  There is a minimum charge of one hour and one man or $25.  The total time of the service starts and ends at the Central Supply building.

EMS: Request Form

Do to inventory and personal restrictions we ask that you request tables no fewer than 14 days of your event. Our equipment will not show up on your reservation if it is 14 days or less out from your event.