Vendor Request/Change Form Instructions

Vendor Request/Change form instructions


Vendor Setup - To serve the State of Texas & West Texas A&M University System Members by setting up vendors in Colleague in a prompt & efficient manner while ensuring compliance with laws, policies, procedures, rules & regulations.  Provide prompt customer service to our vendors & University community. 

Requesting a New Vendor: 

Prior to requesting for a new vendor to be added to Colleague, the requesting department will need to contact the company for the following information and documentation, the information below will assist you in determining what will be required.

IRS W-9 form

W9 Not Required: Employee/Student , Refund & Prospective Employee/Student                             

W9 Required Individuals/Sole Proprietor, All Corporations & Award and Prize recipients                           

W8 Form or Certificate of Foreign Status Form Required:   All Foreign Company/Individuals

*W-9’s are required for vendors receiving Awards and Prizes and are subject to tax with holdings.*

Vendor Request /Change form must be filled our for all new and existing vendors.

For the purchase of goods or services, all vendor applicants must provide an Email Address and phone number for Purchase Order Distribution (for individuals/students/employees, if you are only reimbursing or refunding, this must be indicated in the "NOTES" section)

Documents are available in fillable forms on the Intranet, under 'Forms", for your convenience. Accuracy, completeness and clarity are important.  Forms cannot be processed and will be returned to departments if applicable information is not supplied or is illegible.

*Campus mail is not secure for sensitive material, do not send W-9's or other vendor information through campus mail.*        

STEP 1. Download and complete the Vendor Request /Change Form & W-9

STEP 2. Send the completed Vendor Request/Change form & W-9

through email to

STEP 3. Purchasing will email the Requester the Vendor number when Vendor File is complete.

Vendor Change/request form questions                                                     Vendor Forms

NOTICE: All vendors are processed in the queue as they come in. Please only submit one request, you will be notified when the vendor is complete. We appreciate your patience.                                                                                     Vendor Request/Change Form
806-651-2105 Office                                                                                             IRS W-9 form
806-651-2109 Fax                                                                                                 Foreign Vendor's