Here you will find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. 
For immediate assistance please contact purchasing at 651-2105.



What is the difference between a requisition and purchase order?
Requisitions are internal requests for goods and/or services that are sent to the Purchasing Department prior to the need of such goods and/or services. Purchase Orders are binding documents between the customer and the vendor.

Why is there a dollar limit for departmental purchasing?
The University has placed limitations for departments based on knowledge of State and TAMU System purchasing codes. The greater the dollar amount, the more purchasing codes there are to follow. Therefore, departments are delegate under $5,000.00 because of compliance issues.

How can I release an Encumbrance?
You can request and Encumbrance Release by initiating an Encumbrance Release Request from the link on the purchasing website.

Where can I find the Procurement Manual , FY2020 AP Types & Object Codes?         
You can find this information on our forms website under purchasing.

Why are certain items, such as furniture, classified as restricted purchases?
Certain items, such as furniture, computer systems, and printing, are considered restricted purchases due to Texas law, abundance of vendors, or technical requirements.

What is a HUB vendor and how can I find HUB vendors?
A HUB vendor is a Historically Underutilized Business. The State of Texas has classified Minority, Woman or Service Disabled Veteran owned vendors as HUB's. HUB's can be found using the Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL) or calling the Purchasing Department. There are many good HUB vendors that offer office supplies, computer parts and services, or promotional goods.

Do I have to buy from a HUB vendor?
No, departments are not required to buy from a HUB vendors, however, departments are strongly encouraged to utilize HUB's and request bids from HUB vendors. It is important to make a good faith effort to assist West Texas A&M in meeting HUB goals regarding University expenditures.

Prompt Payment Act Government Code Ch. 2251

The State of Texas Prompt Payment Act, Texas Government Code Chapter 2251, requires that for any contract executed after August 31, 1987, a state agency's payment is due by the 30th calendar day after the latest of the following:

The day the agency received the goods;
The day the services were completed by the vendor for the agency; or
The day the agency received the invoice for the goods or services.
What does this mean?
    Interest due on late payments to vendors will be automatically calculated and included with the payment.
    Payments for goods and services must be paid no later than 30 days after the latter of receipt of goods/services or receipt of a completed invoice.

 How can departments help reduce our prompt pay interest payments?

1. Departments must establish procedures to document when invoices are received directly from the vendor.  An automated date stamp on the invoice is the preferred method.
2. Departments must establish procedures to notify Materials Management immediately when goods were received directly from the vendor.
3. Departments must approve invoices and document services dates appropriately and timely.

How does our department initiate a RFP or BID request?
A requisition must be created to request a RFP or BID.  A specific vendor number is used when creating the requisition, named "BIDS". This vendor number will help us to keep tract of the bid requests created, the vendor number is 443071.
The description in the requisition should be as detailed as possible to clearly convey the product to the Purchasing department and potential vendors and dollar limit should be as close to what the department has delegated to this purchase. Once the requisition has been created, appropriate departmental signatures and/or approvals must be in place prior to sending to purchasing for processing.
You can always contact the Purchasing department for assistance. 806-651-2105

What information is needed to add a vendor?

All vendor requests go to

***If this is an international vendor, please email your request to  Don Adams and CC Danielle Dalpaz.***

Vendor Contact Information (required)
Company Representative Name

Remittance Address  (required)
Phone Number
Fax Number
Email address

Please ask the vendor representative for the email address to which they would like us to send POs:

Type of Purchase/Payment (required)
Goods - Description:

Services - Description:

Reimbursement - a reimbursement is a repayment of someone’s out-of-pocket expenses. Payment for goods or services IS NOT a reimbursement.

Individual to be reimbursed is a(n)
Employee (UIN# 
Student (UIN# 
Parent (camps)    

Other give detailed information:
Detailed Description is required for Individual receiving reimbursement:
Detailed Description is required for Individual receiving refund:

Is this vendor:
          A HUB Vendor-Historically Underutilized Business?
A current (or in the past calendar year) employee of the A&M system?
A current student?
Prospective employee?
Prospective student?          

PSA?- Each requisition will need a copy of the drivers license, and w-9 attached. (regardless if they are already a vendor in our system)

By submitting this vendor request, the WT Department Requester agrees to all of the following (required):

I will not order, request or receive goods or services from the Applicant Vendor until I have an approved purchase order for the same. Receiving goods and/or services prior to having an approved purchase order is in violation of the Texas Procurement Code which constitute a possible audit finding. I understand that in some cases, additional information may be requested. I agree to work with the Applicant Vendor to get the additional requested information.

Requester Information (required) 
Requestors Name & UIN:
E-mail (to be notified when vendor setup is complete):

All vendor requests go to




How do I get on the bidder lists?
West Texas A&M does not maintain a bidders list; however a vendor can apply to be listed on the Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL).