Purchasing and Inventories Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty and Staff

What is the difference between a requisition and purchase order?
Requisitions initiate the purchasing process. They give the purchasing department permission to purchase the goods and services.  A purchase order (PO) is created from the requisition and is used to place the order with the vendor. A PO is a binding contract between the vendor and the university.

 What is the proper procedure for purchasing goods/services?

  1. Obtain a quote from the vendor.
  2. Create the requisition.
  3. Email requisition to, along with documentation.
  4. Receive purchase order number and receiving report.
  5. Order the goods/services (Purchasing will assist you with submitting the PO to the vendor).
  6. Receive goods/services.
  7. Obtain invoice.
  8. Send receiving report and invoice to Purchasing for processing.

Ordering goods/services without a purchase order in place constitutes an irregular purchase.  The State auditors scrutinize such occurrences.  Please ensure you have a purchase order prior to placing an order for goods/services from any vendor.

 What are the thresholds associated with purchases?

Purchases up to $14,999.99 are delegated to each department.

Purchases between $15,000 and $49,999.99 require an informal bidding process. Three bids must be solicited, with at least two of the vendors being HUB (Historically Underutilized Business).  Please contact Purchasing at 2105, or, for assistance.

Purchases of $50,000.00 and greater require a formal bidding process.  Please contact Purchasing at 2105, or, for assistance.

AP Types FY23

P312 HEAF 10-0000000-11-2302
P313 CWSP 10-0000000-11-2303
P314 OASI 10-0000000-11-2304
P315 ORP 10-0000000-11-2305
P316 COMP RSRCH FUND 10-0000000-11-2306
P317 GIP 10-0000000-11-2307
P318 LICENSE PLATE SCH 10-0000000-11-2308
P319 GENERAL  10-0000000-11-2309
P320 OASI 10-0000000-11-2310
P321 ORP 10-0000000-11-2311
P322 TRS 10-0000000-11-2312
P323 HAZLEWOOD MVE 10-0000000-11-2313
SURPLUS 10-0000000-11-2399
P324 NURSING SHORTAGE 10-0000000-11-2314
P325 HAZLEWOOD TX VET COM 10-0000000-11-2315
P326 HB 3211 WARRANT HOLD  10-0000000-11-2316
P327 ENGINEERING RECRUIT PGRM 10-0000000-11-2317
P328 GEER GRANTS 10-0000000-11-2319

How can I release an Encumbrance?
To release encumbrace or cancel a PO please email 

What is a HUB vendor and how can I find HUB vendors?
A HUB vendor is a Historically Underutilized Business. The State of Texas has classified Minority, Woman or Service Disabled Veteran owned vendors as HUB's. HUB's can be found using the Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL) or calling the Purchasing Department. There are many good HUB vendors that offer office supplies, computer parts and services, or promotional goods.

Do I have to buy from a HUB vendor?
No, departments are not required to buy from a HUB vendors, however, departments are strongly encouraged to utilize HUB's and request bids from HUB vendors. It is important to make a good faith effort to assist West Texas A&M in meeting HUB goals regarding University expenditures.

Prompt Payment Act Government Code Ch. 2251

The State of Texas Prompt Payment Act, Texas Government Code Chapter 2251, requires that for any contract executed after August 31, 1987, a state agency's payment is due by the 30th calendar day after the agency received the invoice for the goods or services.
Late payments?
Interest due on late payments to vendors will be automatically calculated and included with the payment.
Payments for goods and services must be paid no later than 30 days after the latter of receipt of goods/services or receipt of a completed invoice.

 How can departments help reduce our prompt pay interest payments?

1. Departments must establish procedures to document when invoices are received directly from the vendor.  An automated date stamp on the invoice is the preferred method.
2. Departments must establish procedures to notify Materials Management immediately when goods were received directly from the vendor.
3. Departments must approve invoices and document services dates appropriately and timely.

How does our department initiate a RFP or BID request?
Send an email to and the purchasing department will work with you to determine the correct procurement method and develop the specifications.


How do I get on the bidder lists?
West Texas A&M does not maintain a bidders list; however a vendor can apply to be listed on the Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL).