Your BuffCASH can be used at any of the following On-Campus vendors:

  • 1910 Grill!
  • Bookstore
  • Student Medical Services
  • Business Office
  • Cornette Library
  • Hastings Electronic Learning Center
  • Jack B. Kelley Student Center
  • Virgil Henson Activities Center (bowling & game room)
  • University Police Department
  • Athletic Concessions
  • Food Court
  • Starbucks
  • Dining Hall
  • Vending Machines
  • Copy Services

You can also use BuffCASH at these Off-Campus Locations*
*Purchase of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms is prohibited with BuffCASH

Canyon Locations Include:


  •     Chicken Express
  •     Dominos
  •     Subway Sandwiches
  •     Subway Sandwiches @ Walmart
  •     Taco Villa                                                               

          Convenience Stores/Gas

  •     United Fuel Stop (Canyon location)
  •     Toot N Totum

      Groceries and Supplies

  • United Supermarket (Canyon location)


Amarillo Locations Include:

  • United Supermarket at 5807 SW 45th Ave and Bell
  • Tarpley's Music 3800 I-40 W, Amarillo, TX