Buffalo Gold Card Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Buffalo Gold Card?
The Buffalo Gold Card is your official West Texas A&M University ID card.  It is also your access to the Virgil Henson Activities Center, Cornette Library Service. For our students it is access to the Hastings Electronic Learning Center and all WTAMU Athletic home events.  You may also put money onto your Buffalo Gold Card (called BuffCASH) and use these funds at numerous locations either on the WTAMU campus or off campus in Canyon and Amarillo.

How do I get my Buffalo Gold Card?
Once you are registered for classes at WTAMU, just come on in to our office and fill out an application form.  You must bring an official picture form of identification (ex:  drivers license, state identification card, high school identification card, passport, or military identification card) for verification.  We will then take your picture and print out your card.  The whole process takes about 5 minutes.

I have been admitted to WT.  Can I go ahead and get my Buffalo Gold Card?
You must be registered for classes at WTAMU in order to receive a Buff Gold Card and if you register on the same day you come in to get your Buff Gold Card, you must have a print out of your schedule with you and an official picture ID (drivers license, state ID, etc.).

If I am only taking online classes, do I need a BuffCard?
We recommend that every student have an ID card. You can call, email or fax us a request for a Buffalo Gold Card. After it is printed, arrangements can be made to pick it up. Although you may not use it very often, it may come in handy if you have to visit the computer lab on campus or decide to go to a sporting event where you can present your card for free admission.


How much does the Buffalo Gold Card cost?
The first card is free.  If you lose your card, a replacement will cost $10.

If my card is damaged, do I have to pay for a new one?
If your card has been damaged in any way (dog chews it up, someone cuts it in half, it tears, the magnetic stripe will not scan, etc.) bring in the card and/or all of the pieces and we will replace your card for free.

What do I do if I lose my card?
If you have lost your card, please call our office at 806-651-4653 or logon to your Buffalo Gold Card account at using your Buff Advisor login name and password.  Click on "Report Lost or Stolen Card" in order to freeze your card. Once your card is frozen, no one will be able to use the features on your card.  If you find your card, you can call us back or come by our office to unfreeze it. 
If you are unable to locate your card, come to our office in the Jack B. Kelley Student Center, room 118 to have a new one printed.  Lost card replacement will cost $10.

I had a new card printed and lost it.  I found my old card, can I just use it?
Our system only allows one card to work at a time.  Therefore, if you lose your most recent card and find an old card, it will not work.  We cannot make your old card work for any reason.  You will have to pay another $10 for a new card.

Can I have a back-up ID so if I forget mine, I have another one to use?
Our system will only allow one card to work.  Once we print a new card, all other cards are invalid.  There is no way for us to make two cards work at one time.

Can I get money off of my card?
The BuffCASH portion of the card is not tied to a bank account and has no PIN availability, therefore there is no way to receive cash off of the card.  The only way to use the funds on the card is to swipe at selected On-Campus and Off-Campus locations.  If there are any remaining BuffCASH funds ($10 or more) on your card when you graduate or withdraw from the University, you may fill out a refund form in our office.  We will then process the form and a check will be mailed to you.

Can you tell me anything about my meal plan?
We can give you a balance of your Dining Dollars but that is it.  We do not have access to any information regarding meal plans. You will need to contact Residential Living at 806-651-3000 for questions about your meal plan.

I can't get into my dorm!  Can you help?
If this is an emergency, you can call the WTAMU Police Department at 806-651-2300.  If it is during business hours you can come by our office and we can check to see what residence hall you have access to on your card.  Otherwise, you can contact Residential Living at 806-651-3000 and ask them about the access you are supposed to have on your card.

Does my card start working automatically?
If you are a new student, your card will NOT start working until the first day of the semester.  All residence hall access starts at the same time.  If you need to get in early for any reason, you must call Residential Living at 806-651-3000.

Why isn't my credit card going through to "Make a Deposit Online"?
We have had problems with cards not going through with a deposit due to the billing address you enter not matching what the credit card company has on file for your card.  Our site has very strict Fraud Protection and this is usually the cause of the problem.  Please make sure the name, address, city, state and zip that you are entering are correct.

I took out an Emergency/Book Loan.  Can you tell me the status of the funds onto my Buff Card?
The Business Office and Financial Aid are the only offices that can give you that information.  We can only see the balance on your card.  If you have questions about either of these loans please contact the Business Office at 806-651-2080 or Financial Aid at 806-651-2055.