Weekday Snow Removal
Weekend Snow Removal
Factors considered with Snow Removal
Ice Melt
Artificial Turf
Parking Lot and Street Removal Agreement
Campus Map

A. Notification 

Upon notification of pending snowfall in the University area, the Grounds department, under the leadership of the Manager of Grounds, assumes a "ready mode" and notifies various Ground Department team leaders, via telephone or cell phones.

  • The Manager of Grounds will check weather conditions at approximately 4:00AM.
  • If required the team will be called to begin clearing between 5:00 and 6:00am.

The remaining sequences of events are listed within the policy that follows:

B. Weekday Snow Removal 

Priority A: (alphabetical order)

  • Buff Hall
  • Centennial Hall
  • Cousins Hall
  • Conner Hall
  • Cross Hall
  • East Dining Hall
  • Founders Hall
  • Guenther Hall
  • Jarrett Hall
  • Jones Hall
  • Shirley Hall
  • Stafford Hall

Priority B: (alphabetical order)

  • Agricultural Science
  • Bivins Nursing/Meat Lab
  • Classroom Center
  • Cornette Library/ HELC
  • Engineering/CS
  • Mary Moody Northern Hall
  •  Old Main
  • JBK/ Pedestrian Mall
  • PPHM
  • President's Residence
  • Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Center
  • Virgil Henson Activities Center

Priority C: (alphabetical order)

  • Buffalo Courts
  • Education Building
  • First United Bank Center
  • Old SUB
  • Buff Sports Park

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C. Weekend Snow Removal

Priority A:

  • Residence Halls
  • East Dining Hall
  • Virgil Henson Activities Center
  • JBK
  • President's Residence
  • PPHM (if open)

Priority B: Buildings with scheduled weekend activities

  • Box
  • Fine Arts
  • First United Bank Center
  • Mary Moody Northern Hall
  • Buff Sports Park

Priority D:

  • Clear Campus in preparation for work week as needed.

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 D. Factors considered with Snow Removal

  • Wait until snow stops, if possible, or if snow is heavy, start while tractors can still remove snow.
  • Wait until drifting stops, if possible, or if drifts are high start while tractors can still remove snow. If drifts are real high, send loader tractors first (depends on wind velocity).

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 E. Equipment

  • Shovels,snow blowers,UTVs, small tractors,and large equipment.

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F. Sand

  • Sand major intersections before 7:30AM.
  •  Re-sand between 9:30-11:00 AM, or when snow firsts starts to melt.

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G. Ice Melt

  • Ice melt all entrances,steps, stairs, ramps and north sides of buildings prior to 8:00AM.
  • Ice melt again before 5:00PM.
  • Effectiveness of Ice melt is dependent upon temperature.

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H. Melting

  • Assist drainage on both sides of Russell Long Blvd.
  • Clean culverts on Russell Long Blvd and WTAMU Rd.

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I. Artificial Turf

  • When needed, fields will only be cleared in accordance with the AstroTurf's Operation and Maintenance Manual (on file} to avoid voiding of the warranty of the turf.

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J. Parking Lot and Street Removal Agreement

If snowfall is greater than 8" at West Texas A&M University,the Director of Physical Operations SSC or Manager of Grounds SSC will notify a Professional Services Contractor for snow removal on designated Campus parking lots and roads. Upon notification a contractor will then remove and pick-up snow in the following locations.

  • Zone 5 Fine Arts/Mary Moody Northern Hall
  • Zone 12 Parking lot on 23rd St.
  • Zone 2Parking lot on the North side of Museum
  • University Drive (West and East  Cui-de-sacs)
  • Zone 13 & 24 Activities Center parking lots (Northeast and West single lane @the main entrance
  • Victory Drive
  • Zone 27 First United Bank Center (Shuttle Service Parking)
  • Zone 1Brown Hall Parking lot
  • Wisdom Road

*Other areas needed as directed by either the Director of Physical Operations or the Manager of Grounds.

*Parking lot snow removal will be determined by the amount of cars in lots.

*Snow from the lots will be placed on the grass as much as possible;however some lots will require it to be placed in designated parking places on the outer edges of the lots.

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K. Campus Map

PDF Campus Map

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