Boiler Plant Emergency Callout Procedures

Maintenance requests that must have immediate attention due to the fact that they pose a health risk, possibility of injury, or have a probability of destroying university property should be reported to the Physical Plant during office hours. If a situation occurs after office hours, it should be turned in by calling the Boiler Plant. Examples of emergency maintenance include:  Flooding, constant water leaks (not due to rain), gas leaks, etc. Emergencies may also include situations where an event is being held and electrical outlets, lights and Heating/Cooling aren’t working properly.

  • To report an emergency during office hours please call the Physical Plant at 806-651-2133 for the fastest assistance.
  • To report an emergency after office hours please call the Boiler Plant at 806-651-2200.

Please remember that these numbers are for maintenance emergencies only. To report any criminal activity or a life or death situation please call UPD at 806-651-2300 or 911.