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About the Physical Plant

West Texas A&M University’s physical plant operations are under the charge of SSC Service Solutions, a member of Compass Group USA. We employ approximately 140 associates tasked with providing custodial services, building maintenance, and grounds upkeep for more than 2.8 million square feet of building space and over 256 acres of landscape.

The Mission of the Physical Plant is to provide an environmentally safe, aesthetically pleasing, physically secure and pleasant campus in the most economical manner possible for our students, faculty, and staff.
Office Information
2401 Russell Long Blvd.
WT Box 60739
Canyon, Texas 79016
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: 806-651-2133
Fax: 806-651-2135

Work Orders

In order to provide the best service we can, the Physical Plant provides a few ways to turn in work orders:

  • See your department head and ask who is the designated Maintenance Connection requester and have him/her create a work order.
  •  If the above isn't possible, and it is a long work order, has attached media such as pictures, or multiple work orders for different departments, we invite you to email them to
  •  You are also welcome to  call us at ext. 2133 to submit your request.

After the work order has been completed, we welcome the requester to submit a survey, either through our work order software or by filling out the SSC Services for Education Survey.

If you have additional concerns or are dissatisfied with the services, please complete the form Quality Assurance Plan and email to Stan Pena at

In Case of Emergency

Maintenance requests that must have immediate attention due to the fact that they pose a health risk, possibility of injury, or have a probability of destroying university property should be reported to the Physical Plant during office hours. If a situation occurs after office hours, it should be turned in by calling the Boiler Plant. Examples of emergency maintenance include:  Flooding, constant water leaks (not due to rain), gas leaks, etc. Emergencies may also include situations where an event is being held and electrical outlets, lights and Heating/Cooling aren’t working properly.

  • To report an emergency during office hours please call the Physical Plant at 806-651-2133 for the fastest assistance.
  • To report an emergency after office hours please call the Boiler Plant at 806-651-2200.

Please remember that these numbers are for maintenance emergencies only. To report any criminal activity or a life or death situation please call UPD at 806-651-2300 or 911.

Request for Quote

Fill in all necessary areas of form, print, obtain signatures and submit to our office.