Student Organization Risk Management

Student Organization Risk Management involves considering the potential and perceived risk involved in student activities, including taking proactive steps to minimize injury and loss.  West Texas A&M University and the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership strive to help student organizations assess and manage risk in planned activities.

Student organization leadership and membership need to adopt a risk management statement for their organization.  The example risk management policy below, or a similar policy, can be used by student organizations, as long as the current leadership has signed it and placed a copy on file with the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership.

In addition, student organizations should consider modifying activities that have unreasonable risk and consider how activities relate to the mission and purpose of the organization.  The posted powerpoint training below can be used by student organization leadership to present to members (be sure to use a sign-in sheet to confirm attendance and forward to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership).

Student Organization Risk Management Assessment 

Student Organization Risk Management Statement

Student Organization Risk Management Training