Risk Management Office

The mission of the Risk Management Office at West Texas A&M University is to minimize the adverse effects of unpredictable events. This is accomplished by identifying, evaluating, and controlling loss exposures faced by the University to preserve human, physical, and financial assets. The Risk Management Office strives to communicate and promote risk management strategies that provide for strong regulatory compliance controls and processes.

West Texas A&M University, in conjunction with The Texas A&M University System Office of Risk Management and Safety, is committed to the minimization of risk and protecting against unpredictable loss by promoting safety awareness on the part of all campus departments. The following reporting forms are available for campus use and can be forwarded to the Risk Management Office.

Waiver, Indemnification, and Medical Treatment Authorization / Hazard Matrix

To report an injury on campus, call 911 for the University Police Department.

To report an injury, accident, or safety concern, please use the online Incident Reporting form. Employees, students, and camps, must submit reports within 24 hours of occurrence or discovery.

If the online Incident Reporting form is not working, you can submit the: Accident/Injury Report to Risk Management.

If you have any questions, regarding the incident reporting process, please contact Risk Management:

Risk Management and Compliance
WTAMU Box 60215
Canyon TX 79016-0001
Office: 806-651-2740