Insurance Procurement

West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) coordinates with The Texas A&M University System Risk Management Office to purchase and manage insurance policies and self-insured programs.  All insurance purchases must have the prior review and approval of the WTAMU Risk Management Office, in conjunction with The Texas A&M University System Risk Management Office.  WTAMU as a state institution is protected by the doctrine of sovereign immunity with limits of liability controlled by the Texas Tort Claims Act.

If a department has a special risk they feel should be insured, please contact the Risk Management Office.

Hazard Matrix

Space Reservations and Alcohol Use

Once a request for space has been approved, the event requestor and/or responsible department must forward a copy to the University Police Department (UPD) and the Risk Management Office.

Alcohol is only allowed in previously approved and designated locations on campus. If alcohol is to be served, the requestor must route an approval request to the University President’s Office to be approved before the event.  Event insurance (TULIP below) may be required depending on the type and size of the event and the hours of operation.

WTAMU reserves the right to cancel an event and immediately remove access to campus if an event violates the policies and regulations of the Texas A&M University System, the rules and procedures of WTAMU, or if an event is deemed to be unsafe.

Third Party Event Insurance

Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP)

The Texas A&M University System, as part of the University Risk Management Insurance Association (URMIA), has access to the URMIA Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Program (TULIP).  The program allows third party groups to purchase insurance for specific functions to be held on the WTAMU campus.  It is designed to provide low cost general liability insurance/accident medical coverage to third party users of WTAMU facilities.  It is a web-based process.

The third party group can access the website for quotes at . If this is the first time the third party group will use the site, they will need to register to create an account.  Please contact the WTAMU Risk Management Office for the institution ID.  The quoting and purchase process will take place between the third party group and the insurer directly.  

TAMUS Auto & Motorized Vehicle Insurance

The Texas A&M University System auto and motorized vehicle coverage does not cover any loss for accidents involving personal use. A state-owned fleet vehicle should not be used for personal reasons and would likewise not be covered.

Regarding students, student groups, or any users of WTAMU vehicles, The A&M System has no liability coverage unless they are WTAMU employees in course and scope of employment.