Camps Policies and Volunteer Training

Each camp at West Texas A&M University must be approved annually through the Extended Studies Office.  Each camp is required to maintain general liability and accident medical insurance coverage through The Texas A&M University System.  A background screening is required on employees or volunteers who work with a camp.

Please be advised that WTAMU is a research university that provides unfiltered internet access to university students.  WTAMU is not responsible for internet content accessed by those using the campus network.

Any campus program for minors that has more than 20 participants and is at least 4 days must report to the Texas Department of State Health Services (FAX (512) 834-6707; email: before the start of the camp using the form below.

Campus Program for Minors Information Form

The Texas A&M University System Programs for Minors Regulation

Third-party camps are subject to the same approval and insurance coverage criteria. 


In addition, The Texas A&M University System has posted required child protection training on TRAIN-TRAQ.  All employees involved with programs having direct contact with minors are required to complete the training and forward the completion certificate to the Extended Studies Office and the Office of Risk Management.

Child Protection Training PDF

2111652 : Child Protection Training
This training defines the different forms of child abuse, identifies the types of sexual offenders and their strategies, lists steps to respond and report suspected cases of abuse, and provides strategies for maintaining a safe environment for youth.

External Gateway for A&M System Affiliate Personnel (Volunteers) Training

The external gateway is intended for A&M System-affiliated individuals only (volunteers) working with programs for minors. To access the gateway, an individual needs two things: a working e-mail address and the current generated password.  The password is available through the Office of Risk Management.

Instructions to access the training gateway:

1. Go to:  ExternalGatewayLogonx
2. Type the e-mail address and the password. The gateway will send the completion certificate to this e-mail address.
3. Click Submit.
4. Find the desired course. In this case, Child Protection Training.
5. Click Start.
6. The user will be required to enter their name, employer and the "How did you hear about this course?" fields. It is very important to enter the first and last name because that is what will appear on the completion certificate.
7. Click Save.
8. Click Start Course.
9. 100% is the required score for a certificate.
10. Upon successfully completing the course, an e-mail will be sent.  The e-mail will contain a link to the completion certificate.