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Communication Equipment and Service Allowances

West Texas A&M University recognizes that the performance of certain job responsibilities may be enhanced by the provision of personal communication devices. Departments may elect to obtain and provide such devices to an employee whose job duties necessitate the provision of such equipment. Alternatively, the department may elect to monetarily contribute to the employee's purchase and operation of personal communication devices. If the department elects to utilize this option, the equipment and service allowances are as follows:

Device - $100.00
Reimbursement including instrument, battery and activation fee maximum once every two years.

Voice/Data - $60.00 (internet)/month

Voice/Data/Added Features - $90/month

The above allowances are based on current System Regulations. As stated in the University's Administrative Procedure, if a department elects to monetarily contribute to the employee's purchase and operation of a personal communication device, the employee is responsible for acquiring the instrument and services, but may elect to enroll in a service plan that exceeds the approved plan limits selected by the department. The employee is responsible for payment of the monthly service regardless of whether that amount exceeds the monthly University communication allowance.

Classified employees (non-exempt) should not utilize their cell phone or any other telecommunications device for work purposes outside normal  work hours and days, unless authorized by their supervisor and compensated for the time performing duties.  This likewise means any work from home or during lunch.  Contact Payroll Services at extension 2082 if you have any questions regarding this guidance

University Administrative Procedure

Communication Equipment Reimbursement Form

Monthly Communication Allowance.pdf


For questions on how allowances are paid:
Shannon Ham, Director, Payroll and Benefits Administration