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TEACHER RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF TEXAS (TRS) - TRS is a defined benefit plan in which your standard monthly annuity is calculated by an established formula (2.3% times your total years of service credit times the average of your five highest annual salaries divided by 12). If you are enrolled in TRS, you will contribute 8% of your salary. Your contributions are not taxed as current income. Vesting occurs after five years of participation. TRS also provides disability, survivor and death benefits.

OPTIONAL RETIREMENT PROGRAM (ORP) - ORP is a defined contribution plan, the performance of which is determined by your investment decisions. Under ORP, you contribute 6.65% of your salary and the University contributes an amount equal to 6.6% of your salary. Your contributions are not taxed as current income. You are vested after one year and one day of participation. Faculty members and certain full-time staff may elect ORP in lieu of TRS.

TAX-DEFERRED ACCOUNTS (TDA and DCP) - Whether you are in TRS or ORP, you can choose to invest additional money for retirement with a tax-deferred account. You may contribute as little as $25 per month to a TDA and $20 per month to a DCP. The maximum contribution is determined by the IRS. Your contributions are deposited with an authorized company of your choice and are not taxed as current income.

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