Rights, Options and Support


Student and employee victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and retaliation are afforded specific rights and options under WTAMU Policy and Title IX Federal regulations. 

You will be contacted by WTAMU’s Office of Civil Rights & Title IX with information regarding your options, resources and request a meeting to discuss them. 

You have the right to:

  • Make a report to Title IX and law enforcement, as well as decline further action by either/both. *There are certain exceptions due to the safety of yourself and others. 
  • Remain 100% confidential if you report to student counseling or medical services.
  • Know the accommodations for changes to academic, living, transportation, working situations and additional protective measures. These are available regardless of whether you choose to report to Title IX, campus police or other law enforcement.

All WTAMU employees are required to report sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence related incidents to Title IX. 

Both the complainant and respondent have the right to:

  • A prompt, fair and impartial process.
  • Be accompanied to any meeting by an advisor of their choice.
  • Receive simultaneous notification of results.
  • Conducted by officials who receive annual training on issues related to interpersonal violence and sexual misconduct.

For additional information review the Rights & Options brochure

Additional On/Off Campus Resources