Student Experiential Learning
Through the guidance of our College professors, students use the knowledge gained from inside the classroom out into the world for an immersive experience. Congratulations to all interns from the Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences 2022-2023!
2022 Intern of the Year, Jesus Renee Padilla

Jesus Renee Padilla, Sr. Animal Science, worked from May through August 2022 as an intern at the Cargill Protein Facility in Friona, TX where he was asked to find a better way to cut hanger steaks during the processing of cattle for food. 

The hanging tender, it's technical term, is "a very delicate piece that's just held on by a tissue," Padilla said. 

Due to additional costs at Cargill, that method was not chosen, however, Padilla devised a second option, which was then adopted, in which workers were retrained on how to place animals on the evisceration table. 

Padilla was born in California but moved to Mexico at age 8 when his parents returned to their native country. The family moved to Hart, Texas in 2014 when his father was hired at the North Fork Feedyard and has worked in the meat industry since his teen years. Working in this industry allowed him to support his family and eventually, at 24, enroll in the Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences. 

"We came from nothing, but honesty and hard work brought us far," Padilla said. "It's a priviledge to be named Intern of the Year. I felt like an underdog since I'm not a traditional student, but I'm honored and humbled to be recognized." 

2022-2023 Outstanding Interns in the Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences