Student Experiential Learning Education

Internship in the Department of Environmental Sciences

Tiffany.Rooney.Internship.PhotoTiffany Rooney, SR. Environmental Science, is interning with the National Weather Service researching heat patterns in Palo Duro Canyon.

The largest part of her day consists of collecting data from the heat sensors and weather balloons we have set up around Palo Duro Canyon, and driving a weather van when necessary.

Tiffany shares, “This internship is giving me hands-on training that will prepare me for my career and a chance to experience what my field of study will look like. When starting a career, most employers look for people with experience, this is the best way to gain exactly that. Plus, internships are a learning experience- there is someone to guide and help along the way.”

Internships give students an idea of what they will be doing in the future, and it's extremely important to figure out if you love it or not. Go do it! The experience will be good whether you know it or not.

Internship in the Department of Agricultural Sciences


Kaysi Lapoint, JR. Plant, Soil and Environmental Science, is interning with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Research Service in Bushland, TX.

Kaysi says, "I aid in the research process, making my work very diverse. I have programmed, installed, calibrated and tested sensors for their use in the field, maintained proper functioning of the various irrigation methods used, collected and compiled data, plant mapped various crops and completed soil water readings using the neutron probe; as well as other necessary tasks."

"There are so many skills a person picks up through various work experiences. The plant and soil knowledge I have gained, as well as some of the technical skills I’ve learned, will help me with my career in agriculture."

Some good advice from Kaysi, "Internships are extremely beneficial for gaining real world experience, building connections and deciding on a future career. Before you apply for an internship position, I would recommend shadowing someone in the career field to see if it’s something you would be interested in pursuing. If your curiosity isn’t kindled, or you just can’t see yourself in that position, look for an internship that better fits your interests."


Internship in the Department of Chemistry and Physics

Michelle Wittler, SR. Chemistry student is interning with Allergy Asthma, Rheumatology Treatment Specialists (A.R.T.S.) in Amarillo, TX.

Michelle follows the providers (doctors and nurse practitioners) to see how they come to differential diagnoses with patients. There are discussions on how healthcare works in this country with the proper schooling and the nuances of insurance.

Michelle’s plan is to get her Masters in public health and go to medical school to specialize in emergency medicine. “The information that I’ve learned from this internship will be invaluable to me along this journey in becoming a doctor.”


Internship in the Department of Agricultural Sciences

Paige Holbrooks, JR. Agricultural Media and Communication student, is interning with Certified Angus Beef (CAB).

"I work in the Producer Communications department here at CAB. I have written news releases, social media copy and email promotions for our upcoming events. I am currently working on a feature story from a ranch in Kansas that I visited in May. I’ve had a hand in several video and photography projects as well. I pick up anything that is on low priority for others on the team that needs to get done, but I don’t ever feel like “the intern.”

"Not only have I gained production knowledge, but I have met so many people in the industry. This internship is cultivating my passion even more for the beef industry and sharpening my communication skills designed for beef producers." 


student-brownInternship in the Department of Environmental Sciences

Dasia Brown, M.S. Environmental Science, speaks on her internship experience with XCEL and Center for the Study of the American West.
"During my internship, I worked on the XCEL Energy Project. XCEL Energy Company provided the Center with historical documents that covered how the Texas panhandle has changed their primary source of energy from gas to electricity. During this time I looked through hundreds of papers and archived them according to type and date.
I learned about carbon plants and Panhandle community pride. Currently, I am working the Curriculum project. I am creating lesson plans and modules for high school teachers. It will allow their students to learn about the Panhandle while not deviating from Texas TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)."
Dasia shared, "My internship has helped me prepare for graduation by giving me time management tips on how to organize my classwork, social life, and graduation preparation without stressing myself out. It also has taught me life skills on ways to work together with others, public speaking skills, and computer skills that I can use in my future career."

Lucas Castro.M.S.BiolInternship with Texas Parks and Wildlife in the Department of Life, Earth, and Environmental Sciences

Lucas Castro, M.S. Biology student gains experience with wildlife through an internship with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in Paducah, TX.

"This internship will allow me to learn many different wildlife techniques that are used by professional wildlife biologists in my field. There are three main areas that make wildlife students stand out in the job world: GIS (Geographic Information System), plant identification, and statistical methods. I will be using all three of these during my summer position to better prepare me for post-graduation plans. I plan on graduating with my Master’s in Biology and work towards getting employed by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a Wildlife Management Area Biologist. By participating in this internship, I am getting my name out there in this agency and will gain valuable experience."

WTAMU's unique internship opportunities add valuable education through hands-on experiences as well as providing networking opportunities with professionals working in the field.