Dr. Shiquan Tao

Shiquan Tao, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry

Office: Kilgore Research Center, Room 117
Phone: 806-651-2539

Professional Profile

Dr. Tao earned bachelor and master's degrees in chemistry in 1983 and 1986, respectively, from China University of Geosciences. He then received an advanced chemistry degree from Hiroshima University in 1996, and postdoctoral degrees from Tsinghua University (1998) and Mississippi State University (2001).

Teaching and Related Service

At WTAMU he teaches Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Environmental Analysis, Advanced Analytical Chemistry and Industrial Laboratory Procedures and Techniques.

Research and Creative Activity

Research interests include fiber optic sensor technology for chemical/bio sensing, nanomaterials for sensor design, sensor technology for environmental monitoring, scintillating fiber for detecting high-energy radiation and ionization particles, industrial process monitoring.