Bachelor of Arts or Science in Chemistry Degree

Chemistry Lab

About the Chemistry Program

The Chemistry program prepares students for careers in research, medicine, and academia. Students will learn foundational chemistry concepts from basic reactions and acid/base properties, to complex biochemical reactions. Students will also gain an understaind of organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry and will have the potential to actively participate in a variety of research areas.

Specific research areas include:

  • Fiber-optics and biochemical sensing
    Contact: Dr. Shiquan Tao
  • Brewery processes and techniques, as well as detecting acrylamide and amino acid content in foods
    Contact: Dr. Nick Flynn
  • Development of targeted liposomal-based chemotherapeutics in order to more effectively treat metastatic breast cancer
    Contact: Dr. David Khan

Program Options:

  • Chemistry Option I (B.A. or B.S.) - Professional Chemistry
  • Chemistry Option II (B.A. or B.S.) - General Chemistry
  • Chemistry Option III (B.A.or B.S.) - Biochemistry
  • Physical Science (Grades 6-12 Certification) - Chemistry*

*(Requirements for licensure and/or certification vary from state to state. Our programs prepare students for licensure and/or certification in the State of Texas. We do not represent that our programs prepare students for licensure and/or certification in other states.)

About our Faculty & Research

For a more comprehensive look at our faculty and research opportunities, see:

Program Requirements & Resources

Option I - Professional Chemistry  
Option II - General Chemistry  
Option III - Biochemistry  

Career Opportunities & Resources

Future career areas for Chemistry graduates include:

  • Research
  • Industry 
  • Government agencies
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Academia

Salary Data:

  • Median wage (TX) - $51,000
  • Median wage (US) - $53,000

The versatility of a career in chemistry can also mean variability in salary. Take a closer look at the salaries of chemists by career profile:

Career Resources:

Scholarships & Program Cost

There are numerous scholarships and financial aid programs available to chemistry students. 

S-STEM Scholarship for Low-Income Students

WT has received a new S-STEM grant designed to support majors in the Departments of Chemistry/Physics and Life, Earth, Environmental Sciences. A major goal of this NSF funded program is to improve the education of future scientists, engineers, and technicians, with a focus on low income, academically talented students (LIATS). Targeted STEM fields for this project are Biology, Environmental Sciences, Wildlife Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

This program does not support pre-medicine or other pre-clinical degrees (e.g. pre-pharmacy, pre-dental, allied health).


Dr. Nick Flynn
Natural Sciences Building 114E
(806) 651-2542
Happy State Bank Academic & Research Building, Suite 262
WTAMU Box 60872, Canyon, TX  79016