Honoring Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Gifts Support Students, Faculty and Excellence in Learning

Endowed Gifts Support Students, Faculty and Excellence in Learning

The Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences is grateful to be the recipient of over 100 designated endowed gifts that honor a loved one, a community leader, or support an industry that donors are passionate about seeing thrive into the future. Endowments financially support generations of students, leaders, and programs with a common goal of excellence in higher education that result in healthy families, workplaces and communities. 

The first College endowed scholarship has supported students for over 50 years. Continued generosity and support has grown College endowments to over $11 million!


Agriculture Development Association  
The AG Development Association (ADA) is the largest department-affiliated chapter for WT’s Alumni Association, and it has been supporting the Department of Agriculture for more than 21 years, raising more than $1 Million to support recruitment, faculty, students, and programs in Agricultural Sciences.
“The ADA is the wind beneath our wings,” said Dr. Lance Kieth, head of WT’s Department of Agriculture.

AG Education/AG Media & Communications Endowment Fund - 2011  
AG Education Leadership Scholarship - 2007  
Dr. Almas Agribusiness Excellence Scholarship - 2019  
Sam Attebury Memorial AG Scholarship - 2011  
Dr. Horace Bailey, Professor of Biology, Professorship - 2009  
Robert E. Barieau Research Scholarship - 1986  
Henry Bassett Agriculture Scholarship - 1998  
Dr. Lacy Caldwell Beckham and Joanne Beckham Memorial Scholarship - 1983  
B.K. Bentley Agriculture Scholarship - 2006  
Greg Black Memorial Scholarship - 2007  
Dr. John S. Brantley Memorial Scholarship - 1999  
Treasure Brasher Endowment Scholarship - in the Physical Sciences - 2012  
Roy Bryan Scholarship - 1994  
Robert C. and Ada Busteed Scholarship - 1984  

Dr. Howard Andrew Chamblin Memorial Physics Scholarship - 2006  
J. W. and Dorothy Clark Memorial Scholarship - 2003  
Norman and Gladys Cleavinger Memorial Scholarship - 1981  
Cole Agriculture Scholarship - 2005  
Coleman Associates Agricultural Endowment Fund Scholarship - 1984  
Cooper Crouse-Hinds Environmental Excellence Scholarship - 2001  
Cowboy Roundup USA Ranch Management Scholarship - 2005  
Cowboy Roundup USA Ranch Management Scholarship II - 2006  
Robert Devin Scholarship - 2003  
John C. Duke Scholarship - 2021  

Honoring the Engler Legacy: Paul and Virginia 'Jinx Joan Kreycik Engler epitomize philanthropy through their commitment to the people of the Texas Panhandle through development of the regional economy and sharing their knowledge of success and generosity for current and future generations of students at West Texas A&M University. For WTAMU, the association with Paul and Virginia Engler not only offers an amazing example for students but also elevates the reputation and prestige of the University. They exemplify the impact one couple can have on a community through hard work, a strong belief in their fellow man, an undeniable work ethic, and a determination to lead and succeed. They are well respected individually and as a couple and share a story that inspires everyone.

Paul Engler Scholar Program - 2021  

Equine Championship Program Fund - 2019  
Equine Endowment Fund - 2019  
Henry F. Fields Endowed Scholarship - 2021  
First Choice AG Scholarship - 2008  

C.J Fowlston Scholarship - 1992  
Shawn Freytag Memorial Scholarship - 1999  
Kelsey Garrison Scholarship - 2020  
S. L. and Mildred Garrison Scholarship - 1994  
Geology Merit Scholarship - 1967  
Dr. Thomas S. and Helen Gerald Scholarship - 1993  
Gladwin Gillispie Scholarship - 1993  
Bob Givens Memorial Agriculture Scholarship - 2000  
The Gene and Eleanor Glazener Endowed Scholarship in Agriculture - 2003  
Tommy Grant Memorial Scholarship - 2011  
Great Plains Ag Credit Endowed Classroom - 2012  
Greater Texas Foundation - Cowboy Roundup USA Removing Educational Barriers Scholarship - 2007  

Jimmie Green Scholarship Fund - 1974  
Dr. Dee and Joan Griffin (VERO) Pre-Veterinary Medicine Scholarship - 2018  
Spicer Gripp Memorial Scholarship - 1999  
Spicer Gripp Rodeo Scholarship - 1995  
Craig Ray Hamman Memorial Scholarship - 1992  
Bobby Hanna Memorial Scholarship in Agriculture - 2015  
Ralph Harbin Memorial Scholarship Endowment - 1985  
The Vernon H. Harman Endowed Scholarship in Agriculture - 2012  
Vernon Harman Professorship in Dryland Farming - 2019  
Willis E. Harrison, D.D.S. Scholarship - 2001  
Jody Hart Memorial Rodeo Scholarship - 1996  

Dr. Dean Hawkins Agricultural Scholarship  
Gary & Linda Hinders Scholarship - 2020  
John Allan and Mary Hoyt Hoover Endowed Scholarship in Agriculture - 2019  
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Endowment for Excellence - 1980  
Dr. Terry A. Howell, Sr. Agricultural Scholarship - 2013  
Jack T. Hughes Endowed Scholarship - 1997  
Douglas Josserand Memorial Scholarship Fund - 1991  
Gary Kriegshauser Memorial Scholarship - 2017  
Tom Kritser Scholarship - 1983  

C. M. Kuhlman Memorial, Provost's Leadership Scholarship - 1996  
C. M. Kuhlman Memorial Rodeo Scholarship - 1996  
C. M. & Herbert Kuhlman Beef Cattle Production Scholarship - 2005  
Gary and Debbie Kuhlman Endowed Rodeo Scholarship - 2021  
Joe and Kay Magee Ag Scholarship - 2018  
Joe and Kay Magee Ag Scholarship II - 2018  
Matthews Rodeo Scholarship - 1995  
Dr. David Miller Memorial Scholarship - 2000  
Greg and Denise Mills Memorial Scholarship Fund - 1988  

Bobbe Rule Murphy Scholarship - 2020  
Dr. Robert and Dorothy Neblett Scholarship Fund - 1991  
Filogomes Alves de Carvalho Neto Memorial Scholarship - 2014  
The No Borders Scholarship - 2011  
John Phillip Notestine Scholarship - 2002  
Panhandle Geological Society Endowment Scholarship Fund - 1978  
Panhandle Plains Local Section of the American Chemical Society Scholarship-2018  
Panhandle Livestock Association Frederic C. Schmidt Scholarship - 1995  

John Plank Scholarship - 1969  
Rachel Quest Memorial Scholarship - 2007  
The Earl Reynolds Memorial Rodeo Scholarship - 2020  
Bradley Jay Rickwartz Memorial Scholarship - 1984  
Dr. Bob and Cleo Robinson Agriculture Support Fun Scholarship - 2013  
Dr. Bob & Cleo Robinson, Randall County Agriculture Scholarship - 2013  
Dr. Bob and Cleo Robinson, Randall County 4-H Gold Star Scholarship - 2014  
David Romley Memorial Scholarship - 2009  
Scharbauer Endowed Scholarship - 2020  
Douglass Alfred Shirley Scholarship - 1995  
Smallwood Leadership Scholarship - 2002  
Cotton John Smith Scholarship  
Steve W. Steffey Memorial Scholarship - 2000  

B. A. and Jane Ann Stewart Dryland Agriculture Scholarship - 1994  
David A. Swinford Agriculture Scholarship - 2010  
Texas Livestock Marketing Association Pre-Veterinarian Scholarship - 2019  
Dr. Ronald C. Thomason Plant Science Scholarship - 2003  
Ronald & Ann Thomason Scholarship - 2007  
Rusty Tinnin/ Bell Ranch Working Cowboy Scholarship - 2006  
Floyd and "B" Tomlinson - 1999  
Richard and Mary West Traylor Professorship in AG Education - 2019  
Dr. Johnny and Jana Trotter Agriculture Graduation Success Plan Awards - 2018  
Orrell Vise Memorial Scholarship - 1981  
Cynthia and Cody Walker Endowed Scholarship - 2019  
Jack H. and Ruth Mary Whitson Scholarship - 2004  
Dr. Donald L. Williams Agriculture Scholarship - 2008  
The Ross W. Wilson Chair in Chemistry - 1993  
The Ed and Patrecia Wright Agriculture Support Fund - 2009  
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