PrimeOne Cloning Project

The Department of Agricultural Sciences made headlines and history for its PrimeOne cloning project. The department partnered with Viagen Inc. and local scientists to take genetic material from a Prime 1 Yield Grade 1 beef carcass and create cloned calves. A bull calf, Alpha, and three heifers, Gamma, were born in 2012. Now in phase two of the research, the offspring of the clones were born. The nine bull calves and four heifer calves are the first offspring to be born of cloned parents of any species. In the future, the offspring of the clones will be harvested and their carcasses will be evaluated in hopes of improving the production of Prime 1 Yield Grade 1 beef.

The project is a culmination of the efforts of multiple faculty at WTAMU, including Dr. Ty Lawerence, professor of animal science, Dr. John Richeson, assistant professor of animal science, Dr. David Lust, associate professor of animal science, and WTAMU graduate students, Landon Canterbury and Kelly Jones. Additionally, Dr. Gregg Veneklasen, Jason Abraham, Todd Stroud, and Viagen Inc., provided knowledge and experience during the cloning process.

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