The WTAMU Beef Carcass Research Center was established in 1992 as a service to the U.S. beef industry. Since 1992, the BCRC has collected harvest and grading data on more than 490,000 cattle. The BCRC routinely collects research data for pharmaceutical companies, feedlot research trials, university research trials, seedstock producers and other entities that have a need for data collection.

In 1996, the BCRC assumed responsibilities for the NCBA Cattlemen's Carcass Data Service.  Through the CCDS, a network of coordinators provides carcass data availability across the nation.

Basic harvest data include individual animal ID, carcass ID, and hot carcass weight. Basic grade data include fat thickness, ribeye area, %KPH, marbling, maturity, quality grade, and yield grade.


Basic Data Collection Fees

No. of Carcasses
Harvest or Grade Data Only
Harvest & Grade Data
35 or less
$275 flat fee
$550 flat fee
36 - 70
$7.00 per carcass
$14.00 per carcass
71 - 105
$6.25 per carcass
$12.50 per carcass
106 - 140
$5.50 per carcass
$11.00 per carcass
141 - 175
$4.75 per carcass
$9.50 per carcass
176 - 210
$4.00 per carcass
$8.00 per carcass
211 - 245
$3.25 per carcass
$6.50 per carcass
Greater than 246
$2.50 per carcass
$5.00 per carcass

Data collected outside the Texas Panhandle will incur the above per carcass fee plus transportation (mileage, or airfare/rental), lodging, meals, and extra labor (travel, chill days, etc.).

  • Standard harvest data: One eartag (visual or EID), one lot tag, liver score, hot carcass weight, packer carcass ID.
    • Additional data: Additional eartag (+$1.00 per each additional eartag), lung score (+$1.00 per carcass).
  • Standard grading data: 12th rib fat depth, estimated KPH, ribeye area, marbling score, maturity score if greater than "A", calculated yield grade, quality abnormalities.

We also specialize in data needs beyond basic harvest and grade information. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.