Caviness Meat Science and Innovation Center
The WTAMU Meat Laboratory (USDA Est. # 7124) is a teaching and research facility dedicated to the transfer of knowledge in the conversion of muscle to meat.

The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents accepted a significant gift of $2 million from Caviness Beef Packers, then approved the name of the University’s new state of the art meat lab as the Caviness Meat Science and Innovation Center in June 2018. This work is an excellent example of collaboration between West Texas A&M University and a local family beef processing business. The partnership provides continued research opportunities for WTAMU faculty and students in the meat science programs.

Beef Carcass and Research Center

Beef Carcass and Research Center (BCRC) established in 1992, housed in The Caviness Meat Science and Innovation Center, serves the US beef industry by collecting beef harvest and grading data and is responsible for the NCBA Cattlemen's Carcass Data Service

USDA Cattle and Carcass Grading Correlation Center

WTAMU is one of three regional USDA Cattle Carcass Grading Correlation Centers, also housed in The Caviness Meat Science and Innovation Center. The center will educate and train stakeholders in the region in the grading of feeder cattle, fed cattle and beef carcasses.  

The Meat Laboratory consists of 4,550 square feet housing a harvest floor, a hot carcass cooler, an aging cooler, a fabrication floor, a test kitchen, a smokehouse, and a retail sales area.

Students are allowed opportunities to harvest, fabricate, and produce further-processed and value-added beef products.


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