Department of Agricultural Sciences

Major in Agriculture (Major Code: 7500)

For information on how to apply for the Ph.D. degree in Agriculture and other requirements, go here:

Admission to the program is highly selective on a competitive basis and includes a secondary application.  Students interested in a doctoral research assistantship are strongly encouraged to visit campus and meet with the faculty in their proposed academic study area.

Additional information about the Ph.D. program can be found here.

Student Spotlight

Maggie Murphy is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Agricultural Sciences. When she moved to West Texas from Colorado, she found her home at the WT Horse Center.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants for the Ph.D. must have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree (thesis preferred) from accredited institutions with at least one degree in agricultural or closely related discipline and/or a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from an accredited institution
  • Applicants must have a dissertation committee chair to supervise coursework and dissertation research projects
  • Applicants must meet the combined GPA/GRE scale requirement
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities attended
  • Additional requirements for International Student applicants include:
    • Official transcripts, mark sheets, graduation certificates, etc., with certified English translations from all colleges and/or universities attended
    • Submit Foreign Credential Evaluation of foreign transcripts and documents
    • TOEFL (³ 79 iBT) or IELTS (³0) score
  • The Department of Agricultural Sciences has a secondary application process (“Application for Graduate Studies”) that will be sent to the student once they have applied to the University, sent official transcripts, and it has been determined that the student meets the minimum GPA requirements. The “Application for Graduate Studies” includes reference forms to be completed by three individuals knowledgeable about the applicant, and essay questions to be completed by the applicant. Also, the applicant must include a current vita or resume.


  • The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required beginning Fall 2021
  • After all documentation has been evaluated by the Department of Agricultural Sciences, the application file will be forwarded to the appropriate faculty for review
  • Research Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis and made after a faculty member has accepted the applicant into the MS or PhD program
  • Meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the PhD or MS degree program
  • Applicants previously admitted who do not enroll in courses for either a fall or spring semester must reapply to the University and must receive permission for readmission
  • Students should consult with the Coordinator of Graduate Admissions for additional information:


Coordinator of Graduate Admissions
Department of Agricultural Sciences

  • Other requirements:

Vaccinations: The bacterial meningitis vaccination is required of all students attending WTAMU. Please submit required Bacterial Meningitis Form as proof of vaccination.

NOTE: Students must be admitted before being eligible for federal financial aid.

Ph. D. Requirements

Departmental Core

A core of 30 semester credit hours:

Multi-Disciplinary Breadth

A minimum of 12 additional semester credit hours with a minimum of three hours and a maximum of six hours in all 3 departmental disciplines (AGBE, AGRI, ANSC, PSES) outside the primary area of focus.

Discipline Depth

A minimum of 18 semester credit hours of Ph.D. level courses (7000- or 8000-level) within the primary area of focus. 

Additional Credit Hour Requirements

Forty-five semester credit hours of electives from 6000-level or above graduate courses, including research credits. No more than nine semester credit hours may accrue from AGRI 8095 , AGBE 8095 , ANSC 8095 , PSES 8095  or other independent or directed studies, and no more than six semester credit hours may accrue from directed studies in a single discipline.

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