Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree

The Agricultural Media and Communication degree is a bridged program between the Department of Agricultural Sciences and the Department of Media Communication.  Majors in agriculture include University core requirements, department core requirements, agricultural science core requirements, and major requirements specified under each degree option and total 120 semester credit hours. Students must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) for all courses at WTAMU counted toward the degree. 

Select MATH 1314, ENGL 1302, AGRI 2300, MCOM 1307, and AGBE 2317 to satisfy core curriculum requirements.

Agricultural Major Requirements (19 hours)

  • AGRI 3318 - Agricultural Statistics 
  • AGRI 4304 - Transfer of Agricultural Technology 
  • AGRI 3103 - Agricultural Industry and Career Preparation 
  • AGRI 3311 - Visual Storytelling for the Agricultural Sciences 
  • AGRI 4311 - Writing for Scientific Publication 
  • AGRI 4098 - Agricultural Internship 
  • AGRI 4380 - Capstone in Agricultural Media and Communication 

Directed Agricultural Electives (9 hours)

  • Nine hours from AGBE, ANSC, PSES (Six hours must be 3000 or 4000 level).

Agricultural Electives (12 hours)

Media Communication Requirements (28 hours)

  • MCOM 1336 - Basic Video Production 
  • MCOM 2311 - Media Writing 

  • MCOM 3312 - Advertising Techniques  or
  • MCOM 3335 - News One On Air  or
  • MCOM 3310 - Advanced Design  or
  • AGRI 4312 - Web Content Development for the Agricultural Sciences 

  • MCOM 3305 - New Media 
  • MCOM 3327 - Media Law 
  • MCOM 4302 - Media Ethics 

  • MCOM 3379 - Media Management  or
  • MCOM 2327 - Advertising Principles  or
  • MCOM 3350 - Public Relations and Publicity 

  • MCOM 2310 - Media Design 

  • MCOM 2171 - KWTS Practicum  or
  • MCOM 2172 - Eternal Flame Practicum  or
  • MCOM 2173 - Prairie Practicum  or
  • MCOM 2175 - Public Relations Practicum (PR Practicum)  or
  • AGRI 3199 - Stampede Productions Practicum 

Bachelor of Science Requirements (6 hours)

Six hours chosen from biology, chemistry, geology, geosciences, mathematics, physics or natural sciences.

Free Electives (4 hours)



Bright Future for WT Graduates


Creative Career She Loves

Mallori Johnson, B.S. Agricultural Media and Communication '20, now works for Visit Corpus Christi as the Destination Services Manager. Moving to the Gulf Coast has allowed Johnson to use her degree in a place of demand. Some of her tasks include meeting with clients, planning events and parties and working with her teammates to provide the best experience possible for travelers.

"I absolutely love my job! It challenges me to think out of the box and be creative," Johnson said.

Her time at West Texas A&M University has more than prepared her for this career she has pursued. "It's been amazing to put my degree to use and have fun at the same time."


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