My name is Jessie Worley and I am a secondary agriculture teacher in Southern Virginia. I have a passion for agriculture, and I always want to expand my knowledge. I decided that I wanted to obtain my Master's Degree in Agriculture after being the first in my family to obtain a college undergrad degree. I began searching online for programs and the online masters of ag program here at West Texas A&M fit my idea perfectly. I knew I had made the right decision when I quickly received feedback and was treated with kindness as I was welcomed as a student. Since then, I have had wonderful professors who helped in any way that they could which has allowed me to be successful in this program so far. I do not have anything bad to say about this program and I highly recommend this program. This program is perfect for full-time working individuals and those who have families as well. I feel supported by the professors and staff, and they truly want to see you succeed! Go Buffs!

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Hello, my name is Michael Ronquillo, and I began the Masters of Agriculture Program at West Texas A&M in the fall of 2023. I have always been involved in agriculture as I grew up on a cattle ranch in southeastern Arizona. I have been a resident of New Mexico for the past 13 years and currently work for Helena Agri-Enterprises in Mesquite, NM the Seed Manager for the branch. My experience is vast as I have worked in different areas of the industry in both the private and public sectors. I choose the Masters of Ag program because I felt it was the perfect fit for me at that point in my life and career. I had been contemplating about chasing a Masters degree for a couple of years before enrolling, but being that I had received my Bachelors degree in 2001 and had that 20 plus years of being out of school, finding that right fit was crucial in my decision. The way the program was structured and laid out was one the main reasons that on why I thought it was the right time to get back into school. What I have enjoyed from my time in the program is learning and getting to know my classmates. You have many individuals that all have different experiences in their backgrounds and careers, that I am able to pull and learn from. Also, the professors that I have had so far, they are not only talented and great in the information that they are teaching us, they are also very understanding of who you are as person and professional in your career. Go Buffs!!


Randy Dudley- WT was such a warm, inviting, and family-type place; I knew I had found the place to get my master's. I swear I went through A&M at a time of complacency, and no one cared about anything. WT gives me an entirely different feeling. I moved home after college and farmed with my dad for a year before moving back to College Station so my wife could begin grad school. I promised him I'd also get my master's. I didn't expect my wife to get 6 degrees and take 20 years. Ultimately, I wanted to keep my promise to my dad and show my kids that anything is possible at any age. So, I chose this MAG program. My dad passed away shortly after my first semester, but he did see my first 4.0, and my kids see me hack away at night on my home office computer. I really wanted my MBA before I started at WT, but I didn't feel I was smart enough to accomplish it. Sometimes, I have some what-ifs, especially since a friend of mine is working on her MBA at Tarleton. I showed her some of Dr. Vestal's finance work and said it was much more complicated than what she was doing. WT is the place for me. Dr. Vestal is fantastic. I sat down and visited with her two summers ago when my kids were at the TCFA feed beef contest on the first floor. Her finance class kicked my butt, and I was positive it was about to end my grad school career, but she helped me so much and helped me to restore a lot of faith in myself. Dr. Kieth is another person for whom I have a great amount of respect. Even though my daughter ended up at A&M, WT recruited her so hard and offered generous scholarships. He still has time to visit with her and always asks how I am doing in the MAG program. Dr. Kieth comes and visits with every kid as well as their family each summer at the TCFA contest. Never seen such interaction or the ability to be approachable by any other school. It is pretty neat to see all the different walks of life that make up the group