WTAMU Herdsmen Team

The WTAMU students and community appreciate the dedication and work of the Herdsmen Team. These men and women are responsible for the safe care and management of Thunder XIII and the Thunder Lodge, and serve as ambassadors to broadly share the values and heritage Thunder brings to the WT community.


2020 Herdsmen Team Photo

 2020 Herdsmen Team Members:

  • Michael Tovar, SR Nursing,
  • Kevin Stromberg, JR Wildlife Biology,
  • Adriana Rademacher, SR Environmental Science,
  • Kaitlyn Medeiros, SO Animal Science/PVET,
  • Dalton Keener, SO Agricultural Business & Economics,
  • Benjamin Bozeman, SO History,
  • Joseph Gerlach, SO Animal Science/PVET,
  • Ryan Tomaselli, JR Animal Science/PVET,
  • Joshua Brown, JR Animal Science/PVET.

 Not pictured are advisers: Dr. Dan Posey and Mrs. Rebekah Bachman

The Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences is pleased to provide oversight of Thunder XIII, the WT mascot, and leadership of the new Herdsmen Team. The Herdsmen Team members were selected through a process that included nomination from a WTAMU faculty or staff member, an extensive written application and a formal interview. These men and women represent the true spirit of what it means to be a WTAMU Buffalo.

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Fall 2020 brought two new herdsmen to the team.

 Herdsmen.Joseph Gerlach

Joseph Gerlach, SO Animal Science/ Pre-Vet, from Decatur, TX.

What advice would you give to students about getting involved?

 "I would tell students to find something they are passionate about, and join that club or organization because you enjoy what they are doing! There are many great opportunities on campus and I would encourage everyone to take advantage of them!"


Herdsmen.Kaitlyn Medeiros

Kaitlyn Medeiros, SO Animal Science/Pre-Vet, from Austin, TX. 

Kaitlyn has wanted to be a Herdsmen ever since she set foot on the campus! She can't wait to introduce the new Buffalo to WTAMU, when the time is right!


 What advice would you give to students about getting involved?

 "I would tell students to find something they are passionate about!"



2019 Herdsmen Team Photo

 2019/2020 Herdsmen Team Photo

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Dan Posey - Adviser, Benjamin Bozeman, Ryan Tomaselli, Josh Brown, Adriana Rademacher, Michael Tovar, Dalton Keener, Mrs. Rebekah Bachman - Adviser

Not in the photo is Kevin Stromberg





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