Pre-Professional Specializations


Pre-Professional Specializations

West Texas A&M University offers students the opportunity to prepare for admission to a professional school to study disciplines such as medicine, physical therapy or veterinary medicine. Admission to a professional school can be very competitive and the pre-professional specializations at WT can help prepare students to be qualified applicants.

While WT’s pre-professional specializations are not considered a major, they are considered a focus area to prepare students for a professional school. Students who choose a pre-professional specialization at WT will be provided with one-on-one guidance and advice from experienced faculty, assistance in choosing courses, and support to increase their ability to be admitted to a professional school program.

Students interested in pursuing application to a professional school are encouraged at an early stage to review the professional schools they are interested in as well as the requirements needed to be eligible to apply to specific programs. Competition for limited spots in professional programs is high and students will need to find ways to prepare both academically and through campus involvement to set themselves apart for professional programs.


List of pre-professional specializations at WT: