Advising Frequently Asked Questions

Advising FAQs

Advising Services is dedicated to helping students map out a plan for academic success and ensure their academic goals are met. We are here to make your academic experience as rewarding as possible. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us.
What is Advising and Greenlighting?
Academic Advising is a process that helps students map out a plan for academic success and ensure that their goals are met. During advising, the student becomes eligible to register using the West Texas A&M University's online registration system, Buff Advisor, through a process called "greenlighting." Advising and greenlighting begin approximately one month after the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

Who must be advised and greenlighted?

All students who wish to enroll at WTAMU must be advised and greenlighted.

How do I find out who to visit for advising and greenlighting?

New freshmen and transfer students will visit the office of Advising Services for academic advising.

The advising model for continuing students who have completed 30+ hours varies based upon their academic department. For example, some departments may require students to be advised and greenlighted by a departmental adviser, while some will have a transitional model of advising in which students can visit the office of Advising Services or a departmental adviser. Students who have completed 45+ hours will always visit their departmental adviser for advising and greenlighting.

For a complete list of academic advisers and advising models by department, visit the Departmental Adviser list.

How do I change my major?

Students with 30 or more hours who have not been assigned an adviser, who wish to change their adviser, or who wish to change their major should contact the department of their major and request an appointment to complete a Degree Information Form. For a list of the bachelor's degrees conferred at WTAMU, please refer to the degree and program offering page.

How do I know what classes are required for my major?
The Degree Checklists provide a description of requirements to complete the academic program you have selected. Additionally, you will find Curriculum Guides with the suggested list of classes you should take every fall and spring semesters to prepare for and complete the program.

What is the Early Alert program?

The Early Alert program is a proactive, student-centered system of communication designed as an early intervention method to assist students who continue to display behavior that puts them at risk for successfully completing a course. This intervention, however, is not to replace direct contact by faculty with a student. Visit the Early Alert Program page for more information.
Can student information be shared with parents?
Student information cannot be shared with parents or family members without specific written and signed permission from the student. When students enroll in an institution of higher education, regardless of age, they are in control of their academic record. This privacy protection is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.


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