Texas Success Initiative

Texas Success Initiative

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a program designed to ensure that all students enrolled in public colleges and universities possess the academic skills needed to be successful in college-level course work. Unless exempt, all entering undergraduate students are required to be assessed in the areas of reading, writing and math prior to enrolling in college-level courses. Students who do not meet the minimum standard in one or more areas will be advised regarding TSI compliance and enrolled in the appropriate developmental program.


TSI Developmental Education Policy

The Developmental Education Committee is advisory to the provost/vice president for academic affairs. This committee develops recommendations related to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board requirements for Texas Success Initiative compliance and Developmental Education and will listen to all appeals for Developmental suspension.

The Developmental Education Plan is a detailed document to provide information regarding all the Texas Success Initiative requirements and developmental education sequences. All students enrolled in a developmental intervention and/or affected by TSI are encouraged to be familiar with this document.

Developmental Suspension

Students who drop (any time after the 12th class day) or fail the same developmental intervention option for the third time will be developmentally suspended from the University and not allowed to attend for future semesters. Reference the Developmental Education Plan for more details and information to appeal.


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