How will I know if I am required to complete the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment 2.0?
Contact the Office of Admissions (806-651-2020) or Advising Services (806-651-5300) to determine which section of the TSI Assessment is required if you are uncertain you have met an exemption.

Where can I take the TSI Assessment if I am not local or do not live in Texas?
If there are no available testing locations, Educational Services will help locate a proctor at an approved testing site. It is important that first-time freshmen test prior to attending a New Student Orientation or transfer students test prior to meeting with an adviser for registration. Virtual proctoring is available and can be arranged through Educational Services.

How can I submit TSI scores or exemptions?
You can submit your scores or documentation for exemptions via email to, or fax them to (806)-651-5285.

You can also upload them directly to your application portal at Here you will choose the Returning User Portal if you have already applied and are returning to check status, add documents, or other actions. There is a TSI section in your menu above the Application Checklist, there you can upload your documents to your application.

 Submitting TSI Scores or Exemptions

When should I take the TSI Assessment test?
It is important that first-time freshmen  test prior to attending a New Student Orientation. Transfer students must complete test prior to meeting with an adviser for registration or before Transfer Student Orientation.

Can I retake the TSI Assessment?
You are allowed to retake the TSI Assessment test if you are unhappy with the results. You are encouraged to use the suggested resources to review material before retesting.

If I have not met TSI requirements, can I be a full-time online student?
You must contact Advising Services before enrolling in any online courses if you have not met TSI requirements.

Can TSI affected students take Education on Demand courses?
Students must be compliant with TSI to enroll in Education on Demand courses. The same concurrent course restrictions apply to Education on Demand courses.

Why can I not register or make schedule changes on my own?
Students who have not met TSI requirements must be enrolled in a developmental course. You will be required to meet with an adviser in Advising Services to register and/or make any schedules to ensure you are working on the correct developmental sequence. There are some concurrent course restrictions depending on the area in which you are TSI affected; please see chart.