Information and Dates for Instructors

Early Alerts are available any time class is in session.

Early Alert Bulk Submission Events are another resource for faculty and staff to reach out to students in larger groups for specific concerns.

  • Bulk Submission vs. regular Early Alert explanation
  • Bulk Submission Events are open three times each fall and spring semester for attendance, academic conerns prior to midterms, and prior to drop date. Advising Services will reach out to students with a brief message about their instructor's concerns and request that they follow up with their instructor regarding the message.

About the Early Alert Program

From a faculty perspective.

From the student perspective.

The Early Alert Program is a proactive, student-centered system of communication between faculty, staff, academic advisers, and students at WT. The program was designed as an early intervention tool to:

  • assist students who are continuing to display behavior that puts them at risk for successfully completing a course;
  • identify students potentially at risk for academic, social, financial and/or personal reasons;
  • provide them with the resources to have a successful academic experience;
  • and assist them with progress towards degree completion.

This intervention by Advising Services is not to replace direct contact by faculty with a student, but to assist faculty as an additional resource to contact students and discuss their choices.

How the Program Works

Referring Students

Reasons to Refer Students

  • Assignments are missing or poorly completed
  • Chronic absences or tardies
  • Extended illness
  • Low exam grades
  • Low midterm grades
  • Personal issues interfering with performance in class
  • Sudden changes in behavior

How to Refer Students

All instructors have access to the Early Alert referral system through  WTClass. The Early Alert icon directs instructors to their course roster and a link to the Early Alert referral form. 

What Happens Next?

The office of Advising Services will make every effort to communicate with the students, address the concerns stated in the Early Alert referral, and assist them in finding resources for academic or personal support. Instructors will receive follow-up information once the student has been contacted and/or the issue has been resolved. 

If you have any questions regarding the Early Alert Program, please contact Advising Services at (806) 651-5300.  


WT Advising Services
Classroom Center Room 110
(806) 651-5300