NCBO, also called Non-Course Based Options, is a statewide effort to decrease the number of first-year college students required to enroll in developmental mathematics, reading and writing. Students enrolled in NCBO will have opportunity continuing into college-level mathematics/reading/writing coursework without spending a whole semester in developmental mathematics/reading/writing courses as well as hundreds of dollars in tuition.

Unless exempt, all entering undergraduate students are required to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment in the areas of reading, writing and math prior to enrolling in college-level courses. Students who do not meet the minimum standard but score close enough to a passing mark in math/reading/writing placement are given the opportunity to participate in a three-week algebra/reading/writing review for developmental mathematics/reading/writing.

NCBO option is offered every fall semester. After satisfactorily completing all requirements for the Review and the credit-bearing course, students will be deemed TSI complete in Mathematics, Reading and/or Writing and will not need a full course in Developmental coursework. No grade will be given for the Review. Students can save time and money on developmental courses by enrolling in NCBO.