Transfer Students - Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to do to transfer to WTAMU?

It is actually a fairly simple process. You will need to complete the State of Texas Common Transfer Application (, pay the $55 application fee, and have transcripts sent from all colleges/universities you attended. All students under 22 years of age will also need to provide proof of the meningitis vaccine. For additional information, please visit Transfer Admissions.

How do I know if my courses will transfer to WTAMU?

You can see how your courses will transfer by referring to our Transfer Course Equivalencies page under WTAMU Resources in Buff Advisor. However, a course transferring to WTAMU does not ensure that it can be used towards a specific degree program. Additionally, if a course is not listed in the Equivalencies, it does not always mean it will not transfer to WTAMU. You can call 806-651-5300 to speak with an advisor about course equivalencies.

Does WTAMU offer online courses?

Yes! WTAMU offers a variety of online courses in an array of academic areas. Online courses are noted in the Schedule of Classes as course sections "70-89."

What do I need to do once I am admitted?

Once you have been admitted to WTAMU, you will need to either register to attend Transfer Student Orientation or call Advising Services to begin the advising/registration process. All students at WTAMU are required to be advised before they can register for classes. Advising Services is located in the Student Success Center on the first floor of the Classroom Center (See the Our Campus page for driving directions, a campus map and descriptions WTAMU facilities). Advising Services can also be reached by phone at 806-651-5300.

What is greenlighting?

Greenlighting is the term we use at WTAMU meaning that you have seen an advisor and are free to register for classes once your classification is eligible.

Who is my advisor?

All new transfer students begin with an advisor in Advising Services. From there, depending upon the number of credit hours you have completed, you will be directed to the appropriate department advisor.

What is Buff Advisor?

Buff Advisor provides access to:

  • Search/register for classes
  • Access Student Planning
  • Find assigned WT email address
  • View unofficial transcript
  • View current class schedule
  • View/accept/reject financial aid information
  • View grades and GPA
  • Make payment
  • View/print complete statement of account
  • View whether or not you have been green lighted
  • Find your advisor, academic major, academic standing, cumulative WTAMU GPA, residency status, and TSI status

Do I need to attend Transfer Student Orientation?

All new transfer students must complete Transfer Student Orientation. WTAMU offers both face-to-face and online options. Please visit the Transfer Student Orientation page for the upcoming dates and registration.

How long will it take to graduate?

That’s hard to answer. Most degrees at WTAMU require 120 hours of course credit, so if you have completed 15 hours towards your degree each fall and spring semester, you can graduate in four years. However, there are many other factors that play into this:

  • Taking less than 15 hours per long semester (fall and spring)
  • Taking summer school or intersession courses
  • Changing your major
  • Retaking courses
  • Taking developmental coursework
  • Taking additional requirements for graduate or professional school or other certification above your major's degree requirements

Is there anything I can do if a class did not transfer to WTAMU like I thought it would?

Yes. Please contact Transfer Services at 806-651-5300 to speak with an advisor.

Does my GPA transfer?

No; transfer grades are recorded for your student record, but will not count towards GPA at WTAMU.

Does a grade of "D" transfer?

A course with a grade of "D" will transfer to WTAMU.  However, no grade of "D" in the program’s major requirements or major subject can be used for any degree program offered at West Texas A&M University.