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Minor Information by Applicable Catalog Year

For all bachelor of arts/bachelor of science/bachelor of business administration/bachelor of applied arts and sciences degrees other than majors that lead to teacher certification, a student may request a minor in consultation with the appropriate department head/advisor. Minors must consist of 18 semester hours, at least nine of which are advanced and at least three hours of which are in residence. A minor does not have to be in the same degree; for example, a student could be pursuing a B.S. in Biology and have a minor in English (which is a B.A. degree).

Choose the same catalog year that was indicated when you declared your current major and signed a Change of Major/Advisor form (usually the catalog current at the time you started college or began attending WTAMU). You can verify your catalog year in Buff Advisor under General Academic Information.

Choose your appropriate catalog year to view the list of available minors.

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