Preparing to take the TSI Assessment 2.0

About the TSI Assessment

All students who have not met an exemption are required to complete the TSI Assessment in the appropriate area prior to enrolling. The TSIA 2.0 is the only approved assessment, effective January 2021. Scores from the previous TSI format are accepted for up to five years from testing date. If a student only needs to test in one area, the TSI Assessment allows for the student to only pay for that particular section. The entire test is untimed but generally takes about 2-4 hours depending on the number of sections required. It is an adaptive computerized test containing multiple-choice questions for all three areas. Writing includes an essay portion that not all students will complete.

Prepare to take the TSI Assessment

Students are encouraged to review test material prior to testing. Scores will determine whether the student is required to complete developmental coursework or is eligible to begin credit-bearing courses.


TSI Assessment Resource Guide

Service  Location Resources for WTAMU students only Resources for all students
College Board TSI Sample Questions   X
Testing and Tutoring Services
Tutoring and Testing
Student Success Center CC101   X
Learning Express Library   X
Learning Express Library - All Texas Students Local Library X  
Virtual Math Lab   X
WTAMU Math Lab CC 411 X  
WTAMU Writing Center Student Success Center 107 X  

Pre-Assessment Activity

TSI Pre-Assessment Activity

Any student testing must first complete the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). The PAA can be located online at Upon completion, a certificate of completion will be emailed to the student. Testing and Tutoring Services will require proof of this document before a student is allowed to take the TSI Assessment. Once the PAA has been completed, with documentation of completion, the student will not have to repeat the PAA to retest.

Assessment Process
Students planning to test at WTAMU can contact WTAMU Testing and Tutoring Services for cost and registration.

Accommodations for Learning Disability
Students with special needs must contact  WTAMU Testing and Tutoring Services and arrange to pre-register for a testing time and date. Accommodations will not be available for walk-ins.


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