TAP-Tutor Assistance Program

Tutoring Services is a free, appointment-based, one-on-one and pair/group tutoring program for students. Core-curriculum subjects in the math and science areas are covered, but are not limited to these subjects.

Do you:

  • Have trouble with a core curriculum class?
  • Lack confidence in your study skills?
  • Need a scheduled study partner?
  • Need help understanding course content?

The Tutor Assistance Program­ can help you:

  • Enhance test preparation skills.
  • Improve daily study habits.
  • Enrich subject ­understanding.
  • Improve course grades.
  • Develop a study plan that can be applied to all classes.          

We offer Smarthinking, Walk-in Tutoring Centers, and you can submit a tutor request form:


Smarthinking is a 24/7 online tutoring service available to all WT students for free. You will find the Smarthinking icon when you log in to WTClass on your homepage and/or right by each registered course. Smarthinking offers live, on-demand tutoring where students work one-on-one in real-time with a tutor, using the tools available for the various subjects to communicate on a virtual whiteboard.

Walk-In Tutoring Centers

We have 3 Tutoring Centers, a Math, Science, & Accounting. Please click on link below for operating hours and location.  Math, Science, & Accounting Tutoring Centers

Submit a  Tutor Request form

The Tutor Assistance Program will match you with a tutor qualified to meet your individual needs. Students will have direct contact with tutors and discuss days and times to meet throughout the semester. Placement with a tutor is not guaranteed, as placement is dependent upon availability.                                                                                                                                                    

About our Buff Tutors

Each tutor must obtain an A or B in the subject area they tutor, as well as, maintain a 3.0 cumalitive G.P.A. Buff Tutors assist with undergraduate/core curriculum courses and graduate courses.

If interested in being a Tutor for our department,­please submit a Tutor Application .

Please tell us how we are doing and take our survey. We appreciate your feedback!  SPRING TAP SURVEY(not collecting data until February 28,2023)

­If you have any questions, please contact our office at 806-651-2341.

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