TAP-Tutor Assistance Program

Tutoring Services is a free, appointment-based, one-on-one and pair/group tutoring program for students. Core-curriculum subjects in the math and science areas are covered, but are not limited to these subjects.

Do you:

  • Have trouble with a core curriculum class?
  • Lack confidence in your study skills?
  • Need a scheduled study partner?
  • Need help understanding course content?

The Tutor Assistance Program­ can help you:

  • Enhance test preparation skills.
  • Improve daily study habits.
  • Enrich subject ­understanding.
  • Improve course grades.
  • Develop a study plan that can be applied to all classes.         

We offer Walk-in Tutoring Centers, Brainfuse, or submit a Tutor Request Form:

Walk-In Tutoring Centers

We have 3 Tutoring Centers Math, Science, & Accounting. Go to our EVENTS tab for operating hours.

Submit a  Tutor Request form

The Tutor Assistance Program will match you with a tutor qualified to meet your individual needs. Students will have direct contact with tutors and discuss days and times to meet throughout the semester. Placement with a tutor is not guaranteed, as placement is dependent upon availability.                       We tutor an array courses, please see our listing of courses.                                        


Brainfuse is a 24/7 online tutoring service available to all WT students for free. You will find the Brainfuse icon on your homepage when you log into Buff Connect or WTCLASS. Brainfuse offers live, on-demand tutoring where students work one-on-one in real-time with a tutor, using the tools available for the various subjects to communicate on a virtual whiteboard. To learn how it works watch Brainfuse overview video.                                                                                               

About our Buff Tutors

Each tutor must obtain an A or B in the subject area they tutor, as well as, maintain a 3.0 cumalitive G.P.A. Buff Tutors assist with undergraduate/core curriculum courses and graduate courses.

If interested in being a Tutor for our department,­please submit a Tutor Application .

Please tell us how we are doing and take our survey. We appreciate your feedback!  TAP Spring 2024 Survey (not collecting data until Feb.18th)

­If you have any questions, please contact our office at 806-651-2341.

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