SIP-Supplemental Instruction Program


SI Spring 2024 End of Term Survey (not collecting data until April 8th)

WHAT IS SI? Click on link below to find out!

Supplemental Instruction is a study program designed to improve your study techniques with the possibility of raising grades one half to one whole grade point.

The program is based on the principle that students improve their mastery of a subject through interaction and discussions of difficult principles with other students.

A model student (an SI leader) is selected to conduct these regularly scheduled SI sessions.

Although the SI leader has completed the course with a B or higher, he/she will attend the targeted course regularly and meet with the faculty member weekly. Faculty Recommendation Form

During an SI session, the leader reinforces main concepts from the lecture, shares problem-solving techniques, provides test reviews and gives practice tests and quizzes before the actual test.

  • Sessions are not re-lectures or remedially designed.
  • Sessions are designed to produce a more thorough understanding of course content.
  • Regular attendance will reduce out-of-class study time.
  • SI is a service provided by the course fee you already pay.
  • Sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the majority of students­ For a complete list of SI sessions being offered this semester click here SI Schedule.
  • Times are set for weekly sessions after the first week of class and posted in the classroom.

SI sessions are held for­ the following but are not limited to:

  • History
  • Political Science
  • Geology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Spanish