Dr. William Jim Rogers

William (Jim) Rogers, Ph.D.

Professor of Environmental Science
Office: Natural Sciences Building, Room 321A

Phone: 806-651-2581


Professional Profile

Dr. Rogers has over 30 years experience in virtually all aspects of environmental planning, restoration and protection.  He has worked extensively with the Work Bank, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and non-governmental organizations or NGOs on global environmental issues in post-Soviet Russia, Romania, Mexico and Azerbaijan.  He has also worked with the Department of Interior, Department of Energy, Department of Defense and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on environmental issues and policy.

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. Rogers is the program coordinator for the West Texas A&M Environmental Science Program.  He has taught at WTAMU for over ten years.  Dr. Rogers teaches both undergraduate and graduate classes in environmental law and regulations, environmental sampling and assessment, hazardous waste site assessment, ecological risk assessment, environmental science and agricultural risk assessment.

Research and Creative Activity

Dr. Rogers' research focuses on environmental assessment, decision support modeling, environmental risk modeling, toxicology, environmental remediation, waste management and handling with emphasis on natural resource and environmental quality protection.  Currently, he is directing a project sponsored by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to develop a database and tool to derive ecological protective cleanup levels for contaminated sites.  Dr. Rogers recently directed the cleanup of one of the world's largest mercury contamination sites in Azerbaijan, which was sponsored by the World Bank.

Personal Sketch

Dr. Rogers enjoys the outdoors and traveling to remote and exciting destinations.  He always enjoys sharing his experiences backpacking in the Alaskan tundra, surveying trout streams in the Caucasus Mountains and exploring the most remote corners of the World.

Happy State Bank Academic & Research Building, Suite 262
WTAMU Box 60872, Canyon, TX  79016