a. Discrimination/Civil Rights Appeal.

b. Disability Accommodation Appeals.

c. Title IX Appeals.

d. Academic Appeals.

e. Student Conduct Appeals.

f. Parking Citation Appeals - Refer to Parking Services.

A student may appeal against the decision, or the sanction(s), condition(s), and restriction(s) imposed by the Office of Community Standards but submitting a written petition to the VP of Student Affairs office within five (5) university working days of receiving the written documentation. The petition can be submitted using this link:

The petition must clearly set forth the grounds for the appeal, together with the evidence upon which the appeal is based. A disagreement with the decision alone shall not constitute grounds for appeal. The only proper grounds for appeal, and the only issues that may be considered on appeal are as follows:

a. A procedural (or substantive error) occurred that significantly impacted the outcome of the hearing (e.g., substantiated bias, material deviation from established procedures, etc.).

b. The discovery of new evidence, unavailable during the original hearing or review of the case, could substantially impact the original finding or sanction. A summary of this new evidence and its potential impact must be included.

c. The sanctions imposed substantially vary from the range of sanctions normally imposed for similar infractions.

The VP of Student Affairs office has ten (10) university working days to review and make a determination about the appeal.